donderdag, 22 februari 2018
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VN in jouw taal

Lezing over honger en voedselvraagstukken in de Sahel regio - Leuven

VVN Youth lezing met als spreker Yves Delmotte, Directeur UNICEF België.

Wanneer? 21 mei 20u-21u

Waar? MSI 00.14, Erasmusplein 2, Leuven

Uitnodiging in het Engels

VVN Youth on the hunger and food issues in the Sahel region

The Youth & Student Branch of the United Nations Association of Flanders Belgium (VVN Youth) is pleased to invite you their lecture on the hunger and food issues in the Sahel region. With special guest: Yves Delmotte, Director of UNICEF Belgium who is currently in Tsjaad.

We need to sound the alarm!

According to UNICEF, almost 1,025,000 children in the Sahel region this year risk to become victims of severe malnutrition. The organization is preparing for a huge challenge and increased its supplies to therapeutic feeding. An estimated 330,600 children younger than 5 years are likely to become victims of acute malnutrition. The government of Niger has launched a distress call in which they announced that more than half of the villages are threatened with large food shortages. Other countries and regions where children will need specialized treatments are Chad, northern Nigeria, northern Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania and northern Senegal. It is time to sound the alarm!

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When? Monday, May 21, 2012, at 20:00 until 21:20

Where? MSI 00.14, Erasmusplein 2, Leuven

Q&A session and reception afterwards!

Participation is free!

In cooperation with UNICEF Belgium


Het mandaat van het Regionaal Informatiecentrum van de Verenigde Naties in Brussel bestrijkt West-Europa en UNRIC verspreidt informatie en documentatie aan landen in deze regio, waaronder België en Nederland.