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The NECC is once again participating in the International Fair of Malta. This year’s presence will be on a larger scale than the previous thanks to a 300m² walk through euro exhibition fully organized and funded by the European Commission. 

The euro. Our currency is an extension of the Euro Genesis exhibition, which was in Malta during summer of 2004 at St. James Cavalier, Valletta.  The objective of the new exhibition is purely informative and educational, focusing on the development of euro coins and notes, macro and micro benefits of the single currency, the historic and political context of the euro, and specific information related to the introduction of the euro in Malta.  The exhibition aims to reach out to different target groups like families with children with a specific section for kids, students researching information on the history and economy of Europe and the general public with an area dedicated to the Maltese scenario.

The exhibition is divided into 6 different theme islands. 

1.Towards a European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU).
The first section outlines the key players and milestones of EMU.  Visitors get the chance to understand the steps and challenges towards the creation of this union and the reasons behind the idea of a single currency.

2.One Currency, Many Opportunities
This island focuses on the benefits of the euro for consumers, businesses and European economy.  It also shows how the euro strengthens Europe’s role in the world as a unification of countries with a sound financial status.   
3.The Euro Coins – Unity and Diversity
This theme is divided into four parts, giving the public the opportunity to observe the features of euro coins.  The four sections are: The € symbol and the European sides; national sides in 2002; national sides of new and future euro countries, and; special or limited editions of euro coins.

4.The Euro Banknotes
The fourth section provides information on the development, design and production of euro banknotes with particular reference to the European Central Bank’s role.  Part of this island is dedicated to the security features of the notes.

5.The Maltese Context  
A whole island will be dedicated to specific information about specific euro related issues in Malta.  Malta’s panel has being developed in liaison between the European Commission and National Euro Changeover Committee.  It will include information on how the euro will be introduced in Malta, the advantages of the single currency and what is being done to protect the consumer.  This section will also have a presentation of the new euro coin designs that will enter in circulation in Malta in 2008.

6.€ for Kids
Kids will have a particular island where they can better understand the euro with the help of appropriate tools like colourful panels, audiovisuals and games.  The themes to be presented are: What is money?; Why the euro?, and; Why the EU?

The euro. Our currency exhibition was unveiled in Brussels on the 6th of June 2007 by Commissioner for Financial and Monetary Affairs Joachim Almunia. Malta is the first country to host this exhibition less than a month after its launch. For this occasion, Mr. Antonio-Jose Cabral, Senior Adviser to President Barroso and ex-Deputy Director General of DG ECFIN was in Malta where he also held meetings with Parliamentary Secretary, Tonio Fenech, Central Bank Governor Michael C Bonello and the National Euro Changeover Committee.

The official opening of the exhibition was attended by the Hon. Tonio Fenech, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Antonio. Cabral, Senior Advisor of President Barroso and EU’s Head of Representation Dr Joanna Drake, NECC Chairman Mr. Joe FX Zahra, NECC Executive Director Mr. Alan Camilleri on Wednesday evening.

The Hon. Fenech encouraged the public to take advantage of this initiative and learn more about Malta’s next step: the changeover to the euro. “We are now six months away from the changeover date and we all need to assure that this changeover will be the smoothest possible for the benefit of all. The NECC is carrying out an intensive information campaign but citizens and businesses should also do their part to seek information and educate themselves about the new currency”. He also noted positively the pervasive use of correct dual display at the Trade Fair stands and reminded everyone of the importance to ensure that prices of goods and services are displayed correctly in both Lm and euro.

Mr. Cabral expressed his esteem and high regard to the work being performed by the NECC, especially the FAIR Initiative.  He also added that it was thanks to the efforts of the Maltese people and the authorities, reflected in budgetary consolidation and in the appropriate behaviour of the social partners, that the Commission was able to confirm the introduction of the euro in Malta on 1 January, 2008.

DOI – 28.06.2007

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