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Five new laboratories are currently being set up at the Agius de Soldanis Girls Junior Lyceum and Secondary School in Victoria, Gozo, with works including the installation of a new fire-security system and a gas system expected to start in the coming days. These works follow recently completed works that included the installation of new solar panels, a new electrical system, and painting and plastering.

The five new laboratories are to be primarily used to teach the subject of ‘Design and Technology’ that will include topics such as ‘Textiles’, ‘Resistant Materials’, ‘Food Technology’ and ‘Electronics including Computer aided Machines’. Its main purpose is to introduce students who may later decide to pursue a future career in these areas, to the various aspects found in these technological areas through theoretical as well as practical sessions.

Other works to be carried out on the laboratories’ project include the installation of wireless lecturing facilities, such as mini-servers, projectors and computers, the installation of ceiling fans as well as the replacement of tiles in all five laboratories and their connecting corridor. The Electronics laboratory is also to feature computer-aided machines.

Visiting the current works in progress, the Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo, said that aside from familiarising students with the different design and technological aspects covered by this subject, this project also aims to provide the school with modern facilities, including high-quality and secure equipment. Minister Debono said that the Ministry for Gozo’s constant investment and further developing of the educational sector in Gozo provides students with the required environment to foster learning. In 1999, the Ministry for Gozo embarked on a project to upgrade schools in Gozo and has, since then, introduced new computer and science laboratories, improved accessibility for students with disabilities, replaced water and electricity services and amenities to provide a more secure environment, and modernised classrooms, offices and school halls as required.

Besides the laboratories’ project at the Agius de Soldanis girls’ school, other educational projects are currently being carried out in Gozo. These include the extensive embellishment and modernisation works at the Rosa Magro primary school in Xewkija together with further accessibility projects such as the installation of lifts at the Sir Arturo Mercieca primary school in Victoria and at the Agius de Soldanis Girls secondary school.

An application to the Malta Environment and Planning Authority for the installation of a lift for the Sir Mikelanġ Refalo Centre for Further Studies was also submitted. Other works which are expected to start in the coming weeks include the installation of an audio and light system for the primary school in Xagħra as well as works at the Zebbuġ and Nadur primary schools.

Government is further investing in the educational infrastructure on Gozo with the construction of a new boys’ secondary school in Victoria involving the investment of Lm3 million. The school will cater for a capacity of 1000 students and include larger classrooms and laboratories, added school facilities, underground parking facilities and a 7-a-side football pitch.

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