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Aggiornamento settimanale sulla crisi siriana

01 28 2014Homs Syria

15 Feb- Briefing the Security Council on 14 February, Staffan de Mistura, the Special Envoy for Syria, warned that “we have seen a string of dangerous and worrying escalations, including inside the de-escalation zones, as well as increased military intervention from multiple sources”. He added that this is as dangerous and violent a moment as any that he has seen in his time as Special Envoy. On the political process, the Envoy said that since the Vienna and Sochi meetings, he has been consulting on the establishment of a constitutional committee for Syria. His team is in touch with a wide array of Syrians and he also continues to pursue the convening of Syria talks dealing with all four baskets of issues concerning Syria. Mr. de Mistura will proceed from New York to Munich, where he will consult with the Secretary-General and other senior officials present at the Munich Security Conference.

First aid convoy reached besieged areas of Nashabieh and East Goutha this year

A UN/Syrian Arab Red Crescent inter-agency convoy entered Nashabieh in besieged Eastern Ghouta to deliver food, health and nutrition items for 7,200 people in need on 14 February. This is the first inter-agency convoy to cross conflict lines in three months. An estimated 11,765 people are living in the Nashabieh area and there are more than 390,000 people throughout besieged Eastern Ghouta. Since an escalation of fighting in mid-November, civilians have endured hundreds of shelling attacks and airstrikes that have reportedly resulted in over 200 deaths and left more than 600 people injured. The UN Spokesperson reminded all parties to the conflict in Syria of their responsibility to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure, and to facilitate safe, unimpeded and sustainable access to all in need.

We are witnessing the worst fighting of the entire conflict, UN official in Syria warns

In a statement issued on 12 February, the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Syria, Ali Al-Za’tari said that the escalation is taking its cruelest toll on civilians everywhere in Syria. “We are witnessing some of the worst fighting of the entire conflict, with reports of hundreds of civilian deaths and injuries, massive displacement and the destruction of civilian infrastructure, including medical facilities”, he warned. “I am again appealing to all parties, and those with influence over them, to listen to us and to the affected population: end this intolerable human suffering” Mr. Al-Za’rai added.

Secretary-General António Guterres calls for unconditional de-escalation of violence

Secretary-General António Guterres called on 10 February for an immediate and unconditional de-escalation of violence in Syria as civilians in the war-torn country suffer through one of the most violent periods in nearly seven years of conflict. Mr. Guterres stressed that “all concerned in Syria and the region have a responsibility and must abide by international law and relevant Security Council resolutions.” The UN chief also urged all parties to move swiftly toward a political solution, in line with Security Council Resolution 2254, noting that it is the only way to end the violence and the terrible suffering of the Syrian people.

UN Rights Chief urges international action as violence soars in Syria

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein urged international action after a week of soaring violence and bloodshed in the opposition-held Eastern Ghouta and Idlib regions of Syria. “The past week has been one of the bloodiest periods of the entire conflict, with wave after wave of deadly airstrikes leading to civilian casualties in areas of Eastern Ghouta and Idlib,” Mr. Zeid said on 10 February. “The no-holds-barred nature of this assault is evidenced by reports that at least nine medical facilities, six of them in Idlib and three in Eastern Ghouta, were hit by airstrikes. Even by Syria’s atrocious standards, these are exceptionally deplorable developments -- and a cruel irony given that both have been declared 'de-escalation areas'.”

Life 'living nightmare' for children in East Ghouta- UNICEF

Following reports that dozens of children have been killed in recent violence, a senior UN official on 9 February stressed the need for unconditional evacuations of sick and wounded children from East Ghouta and other sieged areas. “The violence shows no sign of abating,” said UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) Executive Director Henrietta H. Fore in a statement. “For children who remain trapped under siege and under wanton, heavy violence across Syria, life is a living nightmare. They are struggling just to stay alive.” Violence is intensifying in several parts of Syria, and in East Ghouta alone, hundreds of children are in urgent need of medical evacuation, she said, noting that four years of siege have crumbled health and other basic services and over the past few months, malnutrition has increased five-fold.

Funding for Lebanon response in 2017 amounts to more than USD 1.5 billion, UN commends strong solidarity with Lebanon 

International funding for Lebanon in 2017 amounted to USD 1.68 billion, as shown by the funding update released by the Office of the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Lebanon. This amount includes a total of USD 1.37 billion disbursed by donors in 2017 and USD 309.6 million carried over from 2016 by implementing partners. UN agencies and NGOs reported a total of USD 1.24 billion received under the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (LCRP) framework in 2017. This represents 45% of the overall 2017 appeal. The data shows a continued high-level donor support to Lebanon in 2017 in response to the impact of the Syrian crisis.

European Union contributes Euro 3 million for Palestine refugees in Syria

The European Union has contributed a total of EUR 3 million (approximately US$ 3.7 million) to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in support of the Agency’s 2017 Syria Regional Appeal. The donation will help fund emergency cash assistance for more than 16,000 female-headed households. “As the conflict in Syria approaches its eighth year, it is important that we do not forget Palestine refugees, who have been disproportionally affected and the large majority of whom rely on UNRWA to meet their daily needs. Female-headed households, in particular, are struggling,” said Michael Ebye-Amanya, Deputy Director of UNRWA Affairs in Syria in a statement on 8 February.

UN Refugee Chief hails Jordan’s job scheme for Syrian refugees

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, on 12 February praised Jordan’s efforts to boost employment among Syrian refugees, saying greater international support for such schemes was needed to lift millions of Syrians across the region out of poverty. Of some 657,000 registered Syrian refugees in Jordan, more than 80 per cent live below the poverty line on less than US$3 a day, mirroring the situation facing more than 5.5 million Syrian refugees across the region. “I want to commend the government of Jordan for having facilitated schemes that allow Syrian refugees to have jobs,” the Mr. Grandi told a news conference in Jordan’s Za’atari refugee camp. “What I will say to donors is we need to invest more in these schemes.” Grandi noted that Jordan has so far issued more than 88,000 work permits to Syrians, the majority of which were issued for the agriculture and construction sectors, with women accounting for around 5 per cent of the total.

Desperate Syrians pay ultimate price in bid to reach Lebanon

Ahmed put his 70-year-old mother on his back and started out across the snow-covered slopes. But the smuggler who was leading them over the mountains from Syria into Lebanon was going too fast, and despite Ahmed’s desperate pleas, they became separated in a heavy storm. The smugglers had told Ahmed that it would take half an hour to cross into Lebanon via the mountain paths. After spending seven hours wandering lost at night in the storm, six of his family members froze to death, including his wife, daughter and mother. Lying on a foam mattress in a bare room on the third floor of an unfinished building in north Lebanon, the 43-year-old from a town near Syria’s Eastern border with Iraq is still in a state of shock. “Life has no meaning for me anymore,” he said. “I wish I could be with them.” A total of 16 people lost their lives attempting the crossing that January 18 night, according to the Lebanese Civil Defense directorate.

UNDP and Japan boost support for resilience among communities in Syria

The Regional Bureau for Arab States of the United Nations Development Programme signed on 6 February an agreement with Japan to expand efforts to strengthen resilience of communities affected by the Syria crisis. The new project will be funded with 652,000,000 yen (approximately USD $6m at the time of signing), and will focus on rehabilitation of basic community infrastructure and support for livelihoods. The project builds on Japan’s support for UNDP work targeting vulnerable people across the country, most notably in supporting rehabilitation of electricity grids and livelihoods programmes for vulnerable communities.

UN Radio in Arabic

The situation in Syria has deteriorated since the call for a cessation of hostilities

تدهور الوضع في سوريا منذ الدعوة إلى وقف الأعمال القتالية

Secretary-General calls for end of hostilities

الأمين العام يدعو إلى تهدئة الأوضاع في سوريا

Human Rights Commissioner urges for international action after a bloody period in Syria

مفوض حقوق الإنسان يحث على التحرك الدولي العاجل بعد إحدى أكثر الفترات دموية في سوريا

UN concerned about continued fighting in the Eastern Ghouta and displacement in Afrin

قلق أممي بشأن استمرار القتال في الغوطة الشرقية والنزوح في عفرين

UN: The war against the ISIS has entered a new phase

الأمم المتحدة: الحرب ضد داعش دخلت مرحلة جديدة


OCHA [email protected]_Syria – 14 February

First @UN and @SYRedCrescent inter-agency convoy this year crossed conflict lines to #Nashabieh in #EastGhouta to deliver food, health and nutrition supplies for 7,200 people in the besieged enclave

OCHA Syria- 14 February

Hostilities continue in northwest #Syria resulting in civilian deaths and injuries, damaging civilian infrastructure and threatening further displacement in #Idleb and #Afrin

Read latest @UNOCHA flash update …

UN in Syria Retweeted UNHCR Syria @UNHCRinSYRIA- 14 February

Food, health & nutrition supplies for 7,200 ppl crossed conflict-lines to besieged #Nashabieh in #EastGhouta. This is the first UN/SARC humanitarian inter-agency convoy in 2018.

@UN reiterates its call for 1-month cessation of hostilities to allow more needed aid in

Director of World Food Programme, Syrian Arab Republic) @JakobKern1961- 14 February

#breaking: @WFP assessment team reaches #DeirEzzor for the first time by road. High altitude air drops by @WFP kept the 100K civilians alive during the two-year siege. People express gratitude for an unprecedented humanitarian intervention in 2016 and 2017.

OCHA Syria- 13 February

Nearly 1,700 displaced people in 9 @UNRWA run shelter are provided with food and emergency items with the support of #Syria Humanitarian Fund …

UN in Syria Retweeted UNHCR Syria @UNHCRinSYRIA- 13 February

In the south of #Syria, internally-displaced families fleeing from #DeirEzzor, #Hassakeh & Rural Damascus receive #UNHCR’s winter kits

@UNHCRinSyria works hand-in-hand with our partners @SYRedCrescent to alleviate the suffering of crisis-affected Syrians during this harsh winter

UN in Syria Retweeted UNHCR Syria @UNHCRinSYRIA- 13 February

In #Aleppo, #winter is felt most. UNHCR team is on the ground to provide #warmth & #comfort to the internally-displaced & voluntary returnees from the city to rural areas. Reaching over 323K ppl w/ winter kits incl #IKEA mattresses

For lil Mariam, cold is no longer a threat!

UN in Syria Retweeted UNHCR Syria @UNHCRinSYRIA- 13 February

949,762 most vulnerable #Syria’ns are living in skeleton bldgs, collective & tented shelters received UNHCR #winter assistance so far.

We provide

- thermal blanket

- extra plastic sheeting

- winter clothes kits

- winter jackets

- carpet

- sleeping bags

UN Human [email protected] 12 February

#Syria: After 7 years of paralysis in the Security Council, the situation is crying out to be referred to the @IntlCrimCourt & a much more concerted effort by States to bring peace.

Filippo Grandi @RefugeesChief -12 February

Sawsan is a Syrian refugee in Jordan, employed with two daughters by a garment factory. The project is supported by government, UNHCR, @ilo. The company benefits from favourable export conditions. The local economy benefits from exports. Win-win for many.

UN Refugee Agency- 12 February

The solar power plant in @ZaatariCamp in Jordan allows 80,000 Syrian refugees to have clean electricity 14 hrs/day.

Watch the full Facebook Live with @RefugeesChief & @melissarfleming

OCHA Syria- 12 February

This terrible suffering of people in #Syria must stop. All parties must act now. READ statement

OCHA Syria- 10 February

The failure to end the conflict in #Syria marks an "epic failure" of global diplomacy. Read @UN Human Rights Chief statement urging international action #EastGhouta #Idlib

OCHA Syria-10 February

Highlight of the week: the @UN in #Syria called for an immediate cessation of hostilities "to enable the delivery of humanitarian aid & services, evacuation of critically sick & wounded, alleviation of people’s suffering, wherever they are.”

UN Political Affairs Retweeted UN Spokesperson @UN_Spokesperson 10 February

The Secretary-General is following closely the alarming military escalation throughout Syria and the dangerous spillover across its borders: …

[email protected] 10 February

Students in #London are moved as their 13-year-old #Palref peers from #UNRWA school in war-torn #Syria write and sing a song about #equalrights during #MyVoiceMySchool Skype call. #DignityIsPriceless #ForPalestineRefugees #FundUNRWA

[email protected] February

Students at #UNRWA school in Damascus advocate 4 improving their learning environment during @de_updates #MyVoiceMySchool exchange w/ their UK peers @connaughtsfg. Thanks to @DFID_UK supporting #Palref during times of crisis. #DignityIsPriceless #FundUNRWA

[email protected] 8 February

UNRWA welcomed China’s Ambassador to #Syria Mr. Qi Qianjin. It was a very positive visit. The Ambassador discussed #UNRWA financial situation with @MohammedAAdar & @FrancoiseVanni and met w/ #Palestine refugees studying at #Damascus Training Centre. #FundUNRWA #DignityIsPriceless

UN Refugee Agency @Refugees- 8 February

Our Special Envoy Angelina Jolie met these inspiring refugee girls in Jordan. 



Students in London are moved as their 13-year-olds peers from #UNRWA school in war-torn #Syria write and sing a song about #equalrights during #MyVoiceMySchool video exchange. Thanks @ukdfid for supporting #Palref resilience. #DignityIsPriceless #ForPalestineRefugees #FundUNRWA

“What advice would you give to people who are struggling at school? asked a student in London to his peers at UNRWA school in Damascus. For teens like Rami in Syria, #qualityeducation is the key to a better future, as he explains during #myvoicemyschool video call. Thanks #UKaid for supporting #UNRWA Syria Appeal. Help Rami and his peers get the education they deserve. #DignityIsPriceless

After surveying 100 students in their school in Damascus, Mulham and his classmates share their wishes with peers in London during #MyVoiceMySchool video call. They want to improve their school facilities, as education is their only chance to prevent their generation from becoming a lost one. Thanks @ukdfid #UKaid for supporting Palestine Refugees.

Support #UNRWA #DignityIsPriceless

A very positive visit to UNRWA installations in Syria by China’s Ambassador to Syria, Mr. Qi Qianjin. The Ambassador visited a health centre and met with Palestine refugees who live in an UNRWA collective shelter. He also met with students at the Damascus Training Centre. Mr. Qianjin discussed #UNRWA financial situation with Director of UNRWA Affairs Mohammed Abdi Adar and UNRWA Director of External Relations Francoise Vanni. #FundUNRWA #DignityIsPriceless #ForPalestineRefugees


Social media campaigns

UNRWA Global fund-raising campaign

UNRWA launched in January 2018 the #DignityIsPriceless global campaign in response to the unprecedented funding reductions by the U.S. Government to protect the dignity of Palestine refugees by providing emergency food assistance to the most vulnerable, and by not disrupting the education of their children and healthcare for families. Through a call to action, UNRWA aims to raise five hundred million USD (500$M). #FundUNRWA #DignityIsPriceless

#My Voice-My School is an UNRWA project launched in 2015 and implemented by Digital Explorer to connect schools in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon with schools in Europe and USA through Skype exchanges. Through live video conversations and customized teaching materials, students and teachers explore how education can help them meet their future aspirations.

@ShareTheMeal: In April 2016, the World Food Programme launched its phone application to support fundraising efforts for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. ShareTheMeal’s fundraising aims to support 1,400 refugee children. Through the app, smartphone users can join thousands of other people in making donations and support a selected community and monitor progress. Since the launch of the campaign, more than 15 million meals have been shared.

#Unite4Heritage is a global movement run by UNESCO that aims to celebrate and safeguard cultural heritage and diversity around the world. Launched in response to the unprecedented attacks on world heritage sites, the campaign calls on everyone to stand up against extremism and radicalization by celebrating the places, objects and cultural traditions that make the world such a rich and vibrant place.

#NoLostGeneration: The initiative was launched by UNICEF and partners in 2013 to focus attention on the plight of children affected by the Syrian crisis. By articulating real concerns about the possible ‘loss’ of a generation of children to the effects of violence and displacement, the initiative put education and child protection at the centre of the response inside Syria and across the refugee hosting countries (Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt).

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