Martedì, 15 Ottobre 2019
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Dichiarazione del Segretario Generale sui colloqui tra le due Coree

Guterres Marzo

9 gen - The Secretary-General welcomes the progress made during the high-level inter-Korean talks on 9 January, particularly the agreement to work to ease military tensions, hold military-to-military talks, and reopen the inter-Korean military hotline.The re-establishment and strengthening of such channels is critical to lowering the risk of miscalculation or misunderstanding and to reduce tensions in the region.

The Secretary-General also welcomes the decision of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to send a delegation to the Olympic Winter Games. As the United Nations General Assembly has recognized, the holding of the Olympic Games can foster an atmosphere of peace, tolerance and understanding among nations. This is particularly relevant on the Korean Peninsula and beyond.  

The Secretary-General seizes this opportunity to acknowledge other efforts that have contributed to reducing tensions. He hopes such engagement and efforts will contribute to the resumption of sincere dialogue leading to sustainable peace and denuclearisation on the Korean Peninsula.

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