Martedì, 15 Ottobre 2019
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Il Segretario Generale rende omaggio agli operatori del peacekeeping

Guterres peacekeepers

25 ott - I want to say that we need to make sure that the world fully appreciates the heroic contributions of peacekeepers protecting civilians, sometimes in extremely difficult circumstances, like the ones we face in the Central African Republic.

We keep the peace where sometimes the peace is elusive, which means that peacekeepers die, peacekeepers are wounded, peacekeepers sacrifice their lives to protect those civilians -- to protect those that look to our flag as symbol of survival, as a symbol of well-being and as a symbol of solution for the many political crises that we face around the world and the many conflicts that we unfortunately face around the world.

I am very proud to be your colleague. I am very proud to serve in the same United Nations where you serve, and I want to tell all of you Blue Helmets here with us that we count on you to make the UN always more effective serving the people.

We are here to serve the people. To sacrifice ourselves for the people we care for. And your example is something I will always remember.

Your sacrifice is something that the UN will always honour.

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