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Aggiornamento settimanale sulla crisi siriana

Syria Update 9 mar

9 mar - Intra-Syrian talks conclude in Geneva with ‘clear agenda’ and plans to resume later this month
The United Nations-facilitated intra-Syrian talks are “moving in the right direction,” the UN Special Envoy for Syria said on 3 March, wrapping up the latest round of discussions in Geneva with counter-terrorism added to the agenda and plans to resume in late March. Staffan de Mistura told journalists that participants had engaged in “serious” discussions and said that the sides would be invited to continue discussions later this month. “It is now clear to everyone and that is beyond dispute that we are here to implement UN Security Council resolution 2254,” Mr. de Mistura said, referring to the Council text approved in 2015 endorsing a road map for peace process in Syria, including specific language on governance, constitution and elections.
Mr. de Mistura also briefed the UN Security Council on 8 March regarding the intra-Syrian talks. He spoke to the media after the briefing. Noting that 8 March was the International Women’s Day, he paid tribute to Syrian women and the role that they had played in the talks. He also said that the next round of talks will start in Geneva on 23 March. He reiterated that the Geneva talks are aimed at implementing resolution 2254. 

Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis calls for greater efforts to address the needs of more than 7 m women and girls
In a statement issued on 8 March, the UN Assistant Secretary-General and Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis Kevin Kennedy called for greater efforts to address the needs of more than 7 million women and girls in Syria impacted by the conflict. “Responding to the specific needs of Syrian women is an absolute priority for the humanitarian community,” said Kevin Kennedy, the Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis, said in marking International Women’s Day (IWD) on Wednesday. “It’s imperative we do more.” Today, women and girls account for 52 per cent of the 13.5 million Syrians across the country in need of humanitarian and protection assistance; many of them living under particularly harsh conditions of vulnerability. Of the more than 643,000 people living in 13 besieged locations, over 340,000 are women and girls. 

UN envoy urges protection of children as key to peace-making and conflict prevention
The rights of children must also be a cornerstone of conflict prevention, peace-making and peace building efforts, the United Nations focal point on children in armed conflict on 7 March told the UN Human Rights Council, expressing deep concern at the scale and severity of grave violations committed against children in the past year. “In Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen thousands of children were killed and maimed as result of intense conflict,” said the Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, Leila Zerrougui, said presenting her latest report to the Geneva-based rights body. Recruitment and use continued at “high levels” in those countries, as well as in the conflicts in the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Nigeria, Ms. Zerrougui said. 

UN agency concerned new US refugee plan may 'compound the anguish' of people fleeing conflict
Refugees are ordinary people forced to flee war, violence and persecution in their home countries and who remain in urgent need of life-saving assistance and protection, the United Nations refugee agency underscored today in the wake of the latest Executive Order signed by the President of the United States on refugee resettlement. “The imperative remains to provide protection for people fleeing deadly violence, and we are concerned that this decision, though temporary, may compound the anguish for those it affects,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said in a news release on 6 March, adding that his Office (UNHCR) has long been a partner for the US in finding solutions to refugee problems, “and we look forward to continuing this partnership.” 

UN Radio in Arabic

Syrian talks end with intention to hold a new round  
المحادثات السورية تختتم بإعلان النية لعقد جولة جديدة


OCHA Syria @OCHA_Syria Mar 8
Mira is a @UN humanitarian worker from #Syria. On International #WomensDay she sends a message of strength and resilience @WFP @WFPLogistics
UN Refugee Agency Mar 8
“I miss everything about Syria. I miss my friends, my Dad, my school. I want to get back home more than anything." #WomensDay

OCHA Syria @OCHA_Syria Mar 8
Today on International #WomensDay, read statement from Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the #SyriaCrisis:

UN Refugee Agency‏ @Refugees Mar 8
From Syria to #SouthSudan, we're working around the clock to provide protection + aid to millions. #WomensDay

OCHA Syria @OCHA_Syria Mar 8
To mark International #WomensDay, @UN organizes Information Day for Syrian women working on the #SyriaCrisis in #Gaziantep #Turkey

OCHA Syria @OCHA_Syria Mar 5
Almost 66,000 people displaced in recent fighting in #AlBab near #Syria #Turkey border, see latest report:

United Nations @UN Mar 4
“Tough but constructive" #SyriaNegotiations round wrapped up this wk. Latest from @UN Envoy

United Nations @UN Mar 3
Latest #SyriaNegotiations wrap up in @UNGeneva with clear agenda & plans to resume later this month

UN Refugee Agency‏ @Refugees Mar 2
Batoul was displaced by war in Syria – in 5 years time she hopes to be teaching young people

UN in Syria shared ‎مكتب الأمم المتحدة لتنسيق الشؤون الإنسانية في سوريا(OCHA)‎'s post. 8 March 2017
مكتب الأمم المتحدة لتنسيق الشؤون الإنسانية في سوريا
Today on International #WomensDay , read statement from Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the #SyriaCrisis, Kevin Kennedy:

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency 8 March 2017
"We want our future to be better. So that we can make our dreams come true.”
Meet the TIGER girls of Zaatari refugee camp!
Get inspired to change the lives of refugee girls on this #WomensDay.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency 8 March 2017
"It was either stay and die, or flee and risk death.”
Adil and his family recently escaped from west Mosul. Like many families arriving in our camps they are in a desperate condition. People are visibly traumatized, hungry and dehydrated.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency 7 March 2017
Hungary’s new asylum seeker law will have a terrible impact on women, children and men who have already suffered a great deal.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency 7 March 2017
In practice Hungary's new law means that every asylum-seeker, including children, will be detained in shipping containers surrounded by high razor wire fence at the border for extended periods of time. More here:

United Nations shared UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency's video.
March 5 at 2:05am ·
Here are some ways you can help UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency protect and assist refugees:

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency 3 March 2017
“The resilient people of Syria have hope and optimism. We need to invest in that. We need to give peace a chance.”
Khaled is from a mountain town in Syria, which in times of peace thrived from the productive cherry orchards that blossom on its outskirts. Now, he and some 13.5 million fellow Syrians rely on humanitarian aid.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency 2 March
We asked Syrian refugees where they hoped to be in five years time, for this video marking the 5th anniversary of the Syrian conflict, in March 2016.
We're devastated that yet another year of war and destruction has come and gone with no end in sight.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency 2 March
On #WorldBookDay, our pick is A Hope More Powerful Than The Sea - one Syrian refugee’s story of love, loss and survival. It's a story that gripped our Melissa Fleming - UNHCR and inspired her to write a book.
Click below to read an extract – and if you have a book or story about a refugee to recommend, feel free to share it in the comments. 

Social media campaigns
#Shareyourwarmth- UNRWA launched its winter fundraising campaign #shareyourwarmth in December 2016 to support the needs of this vulnerable population affected by the Syrian crisis and bring respite during the cold months. 

#My Voice-My School is an UNRWA project launched in 2015 and implemented by Digital Explorer to connect schools in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon with schools in Europe and USA through Skype exchanges. Through live video conversations and customized teaching materials, students and teachers explore how education can help them meet their future aspirations. 

@ShareTheMeal: In April 2016, the World Food Programme launched its phone application to support fundraising efforts for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. ShareTheMeal’s fundraising aims to support 1,400 refugee children. Through the app, smartphone users can join thousands of other people in making donations and support a selected community and monitor progress. Since the launch of the campaign, nearly 7.5 million meals have been shared. 

#Unite4Heritage is a global movement run by UNESCO that aims to celebrate and safeguard cultural heritage and diversity around the world. Launched in response to the unprecedented attacks on world heritage sites, the campaign calls on everyone to stand up against extremism and radicalization by celebrating the places, objects and cultural traditions that make the world such a rich and vibrant place.
#NoLostGeneration- The initiative was launched by UNICEF and partners in 2013 to focus attention on the plight of children affected by the Syrian crisis. By articulating real concerns about the possible ‘loss’ of a generation of children to the effects of violence and displacement, the initiative put education and child protection at the centre of the response inside Syria and across the refugee hosting countries (Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt). 

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