Sabato, 19 Ottobre 2019
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Segretario Generale Ban Ki-moon sui processi a organizzazioni della società civile in Egitto


20 apr - The Secretary-General is following closely judicial proceedings in Egypt against a number of civil society organizations and human rights defenders. Case number 173, commonly referred to as “the case on foreign funding of civil society”, is expected to resume on Wednesday 20 April, in Cairo. Defendants in the case must be able to benefit from all due process and fair trial standards.

The Secretary-General underscores the important role that civil society plays in ensuring that States meet developmental, social and civic objectives and obligations. He stresses the need for human rights defenders and civil society in general, as well as the media, to work without undue restrictions.
The Secretary-General notes that the Government of Egypt has accepted a number of recommendations under the second Universal Periodic Review cycle to promote and protect the rights to freedom of association, as well as to adopt a new non-governmental organization (NGO) law that is compliant with the Egyptian Constitution and international human rights.

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