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01 18 2016MadayaSyriaNEW

Damascus, 18 January 2016 - The United Nations (UN), the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Syria have continued to carry out humanitarian deliveries following an agreement concerning the Syrian towns of Foua and Kafraya in Idleb and Zabadani and Madaya in Rif Damascus.

Earlier today, a joint UN, SARC and ICRC team carried out coordinated humanitarian tasks with four teams simultaneously to Foua, Kafraya , Zabadani and Madaya. The joint team had to postpone the mission to Foua and Kafraya upon receipt of reports from armed opposition groups that more time was needed to finalize security arrangements in areas under their control. As a result, the joint team returned to Damascus after reaching the point of Qalaat Al-Maadiq on the Hama/Idleb border.

The joint UN, SARC and ICRC team will continue efforts to reach the two towns of Foua and Kafraya in Idleb provincein order to assess conditions of people and better respond to their humanitarian needs. Today, after considerable delays for several hours, fuel was delivered to Madaya by the joint team, to Foua and Kafraya by the SARC Idleb branch while food and medical supplies were delivered to Zabadani.

The UN, SARC and ICRC in Syria will continue to facilitate the safe delivery of neutral, impartial, and independent humanitarian aid, including medical aid, to all people directly affected by the fighting.

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