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UNRIC Partnerships

Throughout the years UNRIC has forged a number of recurring partnerships with European civil society actors. Below are UNRIC’s main partners:

Elyx | 7 bilion Others | Live Windows | Cartooning | BOZAR | Myrtis | FIFDH | UN-EU | Fashion | 3Suisses | FOE / DPF | Newspapers



Elyx-PAQUERETTEElyx is a virtual character who looks at the world with interest and good humour. Drawn in a very simple style, Elyx can express a great number of different expressions.

 Created three years ago by the French artist YAK, Elyx is published every day on social media and has over 45,000 followers. Elyx does not speak, has no nationality, race or sex, and is therefore a universal character, comprehensible by all everywhere.

In partnership with the artist, UNRIC is using Elyx to highlight a series of international observances as well as the UN's 2014 Climate Summit.

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7 billion Others


On selected international days, UNRIC, in partnership with the Good Planet Foundation, will post video clips from the 7 billion Others project to communicate the fears, dreams, ordeals and hopes of citizens from all over world.

A visionary idea from the photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, 7 billion Others is an ongoing project that started in 2003, consisting of over 6,000 interviews filmed in 84 countries to create a portrait of humanity today and show everything that unites us, links us and differentiates us. UNRIC and the 7 billion Others team have partnered to make the video portraits available in as many languages as possible.

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FABRICA - Live Windows project


Fabrica, the Benetton research centre on communication, has developed since May 2010 an innovative project in the field of experience design, to transform the retail process in stores into a new, participative experience. UNRIC has partnered on a number of Live Windows since early 2012, marking issues of importance to the United Nations. The project was conceived and developed by Alfio Pozzoni, research and innovation director of Fabrica.





Kofi Annan, Nobel Peace Prize and former Secretary General of the UN, and Plantu, French editorial cartoonist at "Le Monde" newspaper, gathered together twelve of the greatest international cartoonists at the United Nation Headquarters in New York on October 16, 2006, at a symposium entitled "Unlearning intolerance".

A movement was born.

Cartooning for Peace aims to promote a better understanding and mutual respect between people of different cultures and beliefs using editorail cartoons as a universal language. There are now over 110 cartoonists from countries all across the planet who have joined Cartooning for Peace.

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UNRIC has joined forces with BOZAR the main Fine Arts Centre in Brussels to highlight three international days with film screenings. The concept is a film and a debate. The three days are: International Women’s Day (March 8), World Environment Day (June 5) and Human Rights day (10 December).

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Myrtis died of typhoid fever during the plague which hit Athens in the middle of the 5th Century BC. Typhoid fever is even today - 2.500 years after- the cause of death for 200,000 people every year. UNRIC named Myrtis as a Millennium Friend during UNRIC's 2010 Public Information Campaign.

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fifdhFestival du Film et Forum International sur les Droits Humains (FIFHD)

Created in 2003 and inaugurated by High Commissioner for Human Rights Sergio Vieira de Mello, FIFDH is an international Human Rights film Festival that takes place every year in Geneva. FIFDH has joined UNRIC, the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights and the BOZAR to mark annualy Human Rights day with a film and a debate in Brussels.

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eu-unUN-EU PARTNERSHIP FOR A BETTER WORLD (communication initiative)

The network of European Union delegations around the world, in partnership with UN information centres, will use some key international days to encourage governments and civil society actors to focus attention on pressing global issues.

The 8 days identified for this communication initiative range from universal human rights to the rights of women, children and indigenous people, to press freedom and key global issues such as food, poverty and the environment.

For each international day, communication materials produced by the EU and the UN will be complied into joint electronic tool kits. Partnership for a better world will encourage support from major European newspapers and broadcasters as well as social media sites, artists, and entertainers.




"The concept of this partnership is to work with fashion designers and manufacturers to highlight global issues through fashion." Jean-Paul Knott.

One of the first Friends of the UN was the renowned Belgian designer Jean-Paul Knott. He helped UNRIC develop the first Friends of the UN (F.U.N) bracelets with the words We the Peoples in 13 European languages. He later helped us create our CoolPlanet cotton pins and t-shirts in support of the UN’s Seal the Deal campaign.



The online and catalogue clothing giant Trois Suisse joined forces with UNRIC in 2009. and every year since has produced an article of clothing for International Women’s Day, World Environment Day and Human Rights day.




The Development Policy Forum (DPF) is a partnership that was launched in December 2007 by the Brussels based think-tank Friends of Europe and a number of crucial actors defining and implementing development policies.

Partners include the United Nations, the World Bank, the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the U.S. Mission to the European Union, and the European Commission Directorate General for Development and Relations with ACP States.

The goal of the partnership is to systematically address forthcoming challenges in the area of development policy through lively debates and sharply written analyses, and to offer a forum for various development stakeholders.

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Since 2010 UNRIC has created a partnership with some of the major European newspapers. The concept of the partnership consists of the newspaper publicizing the Centre’s annual Create4theUN Ad competition in order to reach out to the largest number of European citizens and then publishes some of the winning ads at the end of the competition.

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