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Classifications Newsletter

The Classifications Newsletter summarizes recent developments and events in international classifications and draws attention to the availability of such information on the Internet. The Newsletter announces newly issued publications and technical materials related to United Nations statistical classifications, updates, new rulings, revision plans of classifications and classification meetings. This Newsletter is published and disseminated by the United Nations Statistics Division and is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Energy Statistics Newsletter

The newsletter aims to update you on activities and developments of the United Nations Energy Statistics Section, part of the United Nations Environment and Energy Statistics Branch, United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD).

envstats - Environment Statistics News from the United Nations Statistics Division

envstats is the environment statistics newsletter of UNSD. It has been providing information about the activities of UNSD and developments elsewhere in the fields of environment statistics since 1995.

International Trade Statistics Newsletter

A publication of the International Merchandise Trade Statistics Section of the United Nations Statistics Division - Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

SNA News and Notes

SNA News and Notes is a biannual information service of the Intersecretariat Working Group on National Accounts (ISWGNA) prepared by the Statistics Division of the United Nations. It was introduced in 1995 to communicate the activities of ISWGNA and member organizations and countries.


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