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UNRIC Library Newsletter - December 2006

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UNRIC Library Newsletter - December 2006
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UN in General

Tribute to Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the administration of the oath of office to Secretary-General Designate Ban Ki-Moon (14 December --- Transcripts, Texts & Videos)

DPI Updates

The NGO Unit, Division for Social Policy and Development, Department of Economic and Social Affairs
As a part of the Office of the Director of the Division for Social Policy and Development, the NGO Unit serves as an interface between the Division and non-governmental organizations. It acts as a gateway for NGOs interested in building a strong working relationship with the Division in advancing social progress and development.

Politically speaking: Bulletin of the United Nations Department of Political Affairs, Fall-Winter 2006. 16 p.

Investing in conflict prevention, responding to the political dimensions of the crisis in Lebanon, supporting the peace process in Nepal, renewed diplomatic efforts on Cyprus and the workings of the new UN Democracy Fund are among the current issues explored in the current volume.

RSS feeds from UN bodies – List compiled by the UN Dag Hammarskjöld Library

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s major speeches
In a series of speeches, Annan outlines his vision for effective international response to key global challenges

Peace & Security

Commission of Inquiry on Lebanon established by the Human Rights Council - 2nd Special session

UN Action to Counter Terrorism
An updated and re-designed website on the United Nations' work in countering terrorism has been launched. The new site replaces a previous edition created in 2001. The re-designed site, developed by the website section of DPI in cooperation with the Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force, allows users to gain a quick overview of the Organization's many efforts to counter terrorism and provides information on counter-terrorism actions taken by UN entities. The new site is currently only available in English, with the other language versions to follow early next year.

United Nations Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Resource Centre
The United Nations has been engaged in the disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration (DDR) of former combatants in post-conflict situations for over fifteen years. Together with bilateral and non-governmental partners, the United Nations' departments, programmes, funds, and agencies are operational in dozens of countries across the globe. DDR activities are crucial components of both the initial stabilization of warn-torn societies as well as their long-term development. As such, needs for disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration must be integrated into the entire peace process from the initial peace negotiations through peacekeeping and follow-on peacebuilding activities.

United Nations Disarmament Yearbook - Online version for 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005

Economic & Social Development

Afghanistan's Drug Industry: Structure, Functioning, Dynamics, and Implications for Counter-Narcotics Policy (UNODC/World Bank report),,content
Efforts to combat opium production in Afghanistan have been marred by corruption and have failed to prevent the consolidation of the drugs trade in the hands of fewer powerful players with strong political connections.       

AIDS Epidemic Update: December 2006 (UNAIDS/WHO)
English, French, Spanish and German:
The annual AIDS epidemic update reports on the latest developments in the global AIDS epidemic. With maps and regional summaries, the 2006 edition provides the most recent estimates of the epidemic’s scope and human toll, explores new trends in the epidemic’s evolution.

Global Economic Prospects 2007: Managing the next wave of globalization (World Bank report)

While the medium-term outlook for the world economy remains fairly bright, demographic trends will be a major driver of future events and the benefits of globalization are likely to be uneven across regions and countries. Looking at a set of growth scenarios covering the years 2006 to 2030, the report analyzes the opportunities and stresses of integration in order to bring into sharper relief the choices facing the world today. Three prominent features in the next wave of globalization are: the growing economic weight of developing countries in the international economy, the potential for increased productivity that is offered by global production chains, and the accelerated diffusion of technology. The GEP also analyzes three possible consequences: growing inequality, pressures in labor markets, and threats to the global commons. All of these developments, along with deepening economic interdependence, place a burden on the collective actions of the international community: to manage globalization or risk being run over by it.

Making Progress on Environmental Sustainability: Lessons and Recommendations from a review of over 150 MDG Country Reports (UNDP report)
English & French:
Environmental sustainability shows weak progress towards the targets and insufficient monitoring capacity and systems. While the MDG framework is offers advantages in being managed as a group of interrelated targets, MDG 7 on environmental sustainability warrants particular attention given the weaknesses both in monitoring and in overall progress.

Perspectives: UNODC magazine
E-mail subscription:
This new UNODC magazine will cover the broad issues of drugs, crime and terrorism from a number of angles and ensure that voices from all over the world are heard. Perspectives will be printed in English only. Some articles will be translated into other languages and posted on this website.

The State of the World’s Children 2007 (UNICEF report)
The report, released on UNICEF’s 60th anniversary, examines the discrimination and disempowerment women face throughout their lives – and outlines what must be done to eliminate gender discrimination and empower women and girls. It looks at the status of women today, discusses how gender equality will move all the Millennium Development Goals forward, and shows how investment in women’s rights will ultimately produce a double dividend: advancing the rights of both women and children.

The World Distribution of Household Wealth (UNU-WIDER)
The richest 2% of adults in the world own more than half of global household wealth according to a path-breaking study by the Helsinki-based World Institute for Development Economics Research of the United Nations University.

Human Rights

Human Rights in the World: Updated Country Pages
Compiled on one page the following information for each country is listed: status of ratifications for Human Rights treaties, reporting status, Voluntary Pledges and Commitments, special procedures, most recent concluding observations

Special Procedures Bulletin (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights) - Second Issue: May-August 2006

World Report on Violence Against Children (ILO)
Millions of child labourers and legally employed adolescents face "systemic" violence at their places of work, ranging from physical or verbal abuse to sexual harassment, rape and even murder, according to a new report published by the International Labour Organization on Universal Children's Day.