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UNRIC Library Newsletter – December 2005

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UNRIC Library Newsletter – December 2005
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UN in General

Assessment of Internal Controls in the United Nations Secretariat Procurement Operations

UN Chronicle Online Edition
Combating Genocide: What remains to be done sixty years after Nuremberg

UN Department of Political Affairs - new website

Peace & Security

Conference of the Eighteen-Nation Committee on Disarmament
Online Historical United Nations Collection

The University of Michigan Digital Library Production Service has made verbatim transcripts from the Eighteen Nation Commission on Disarmament available online. Sponsored by the United Nations in 1962, the Conference of the Eighteen-Nation Committee on Disarmament attempted to establish a dialogue between the United States and the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War. In addition to disarmament, the ENDC considered confidence-building measures and control of nuclear tests.

Mine Action Projects 2006

Economic & Social Development

2006 – International Year of Deserts and Desertification

Afghanistan Opium Survey

Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Health Synthesis (WHO report)

ITU Internet Reports 2005: The Internet of Things

Industrial Development Report 2005: Capability building for catching-up: Historical, empirical and policy dimensions (UNIDO report)

International Flows of Selected Cultural Goods and Services, 1994-2003: Defining and capturing the flows of global cultural trade (UNESCO report)
English: http://www.uis.unesco.org/template/pdf/cscl/IntlFlows_EN.pdf
French: http://www.uis.unesco.org/template/pdf/cscl/IntlFlows_Fr.pdf

Sixth WTO Ministerial Conference
Hong Kong, China, 13–18 December 2005
English: http://www.wto.org/english/thewto_e/minist_e/min05_e/min05_e.htm
French: http://www.wto.org/french/thewto_f/minist_f/min05_f/min05_f.htm
Spanish: http://www.wto.org/spanish/thewto_s/minist_s/min05_s/min05_s.htm

The State of Food and Agriculture 2005: Agricultural trade and poverty; Can trade work for the poor? (FAO report)
English: http://www.fao.org/documents/show_cdr.asp?url_file=/docrep/008/a0050e/a0050e00.htm
French: http://www.fao.org/documents/show_cdr.asp?url_file=/docrep/008/a0050f/a0050f00.htm
Spanish: http://www.fao.org/documents/show_cdr.asp?url_file=/docrep/008/a0050s/a0050s00.htm

The State of Food Insecurity in the World, 2005 (FAO report)
English: http://www.fao.org/documents/show_cdr.asp?url_file=/docrep/008/a0200e/a0200e00.htm
French: http://www.fao.org/documents/show_cdr.asp?url_file=/docrep/008/a0200f/a0200f00.htm
Spanish: http://www.fao.org/documents/show_cdr.asp?url_file=/docrep/008/a0200s/a0200s00.htm

The State of the World Children 2006: Excluded and invisible (UNICEF Report)
English: http://www.unicef.org/sowc06/pdfs/sowc06_fullreport.pdf
French: http://www.unicef.org/french/sowc06/pdfs/sowc06_fullreport_fr.pdf
Spanish: http://www.unicef.org/french/sowc06/pdfs/sowc06_fullreport_fr.pdf

The Trade and Environmental Effects of Ecolabels: Assessment and Response
This report launched by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) reviews what is known about ecolabelling as an environmental policy tool and as a potential trade barrier. It focuses on five well-known ecolabelling programmes that incorporate environmental requirements: the Blue Angel programme in Germany, and the programmes associated with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) and the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).

Humanitarian Affairs

Building back better: a 12-month update on UNICEF’s work to rebuild children’s lives and restore hope since the Tsunami

Children and the Tsunami, one year on http://www.unicef.org/emerg/disasterinasia/files/WhatWorked.pdf

International Law

United Nations Assistance to Khmer Rouge Trials


Single copies of the following titles can be ordered via e-mail: [email protected] 

Pour que les engagements aient un sens: Guide pour aider les jeunes à évaluer la politique de la jeunesse dans leur pays
(Département des affaires économiques & sociales)

UN in brief.
United Nations Department of Public Information. DPI/2393. July 2005. 31 p.
Online version: http://www.un.org/Overview/brief.html

added to the library collection in December

I   General Information and Reference

United Nations International Meeting on the Question of Palestine: Implementing the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on the legal consequences of the construction of a wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory – the role of Governments, intergovernmental organizations and civil society; United Nations Office at Geneva, 8 and 9 March 2005.
United Nations. New York. 121 p.
Online version: http://domino.un.org/UNISPAL.NSF/0/d9656b7b228f48f5852570a00072867b?OpenDocument

Réunion internationale des Nations Unies sur la question de Palestine: Application de l’avis consultatif de la Cour internationale de Justice sur les conséquences juridiques de la construction d’un mur dans le territoire palestinien occupé – rôle des gouvernements, des organisations non gouvernementales et de la société civile ; Office des Nations Unies à Genève, 8 et 9 mars 2005.
Nations Unies. New York. 148 p.
Online version: http://domino.un.org/UNISPAL.NSF/0/d9656b7b228f48f5852570a00072867b/$FILE/French.pdf

II. D   Trade, Finance and Commerce

Information Economy Report 2005 / Prepared by the UNCTAD secretariat.
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2005. xxvi, 248 p. (UNCTAD/SDTE/ECB/2005/1)
Sales No. E.05.II.D.19. ISBN 92-1-112679-7.
Online version: http://www.unctad.org/Templates/webflyer.asp?docid=6479&intItemID=3591&lang=1&mode=downloads

Rapport 2005 sur l’économie de l’information: Commerce électronique et développement ; Aperçu général.
Nations Unies. New York et Genève. 2005. 27 p. (UNCTAD/SDTE/ECB/2005/1-Overview)
Online version: http://www.unctad.org/fr/docs/sdteecb20051overview_fr.pdf

Informe sobre la economía de la información 2005 : Comercio electrónico y desarrolla ; Panorama general.
Naciones Unidas. Nueva York y Ginebra. 2005. 27 p. (UNCTAD/SDTE/ECB/2005/1-Overview)
Online version: http://www.unctad.org/sp/docs/sdteecb20051overview_sp.pdf

XI   Narcotic Drugs (including United Nations Office on Drug and Crime - UNODC)

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.
UPDATE, Number 4, 2005: ”UN Firearms Protocol: Curbing the spread of illicit weapons”. 12 p.
Online version: http://www.unodc.org/newsletter/en/200504/index.html

XIII   Demography

Population, développement et VIH/sida et leur rapport avec la pauvreté : Rapport concis.
Nations Unies. New York. 2005. ix, 67 p.(ST/ESA/SER.A/247)
Sales No. F.05.XIII.3. ISBN 92-1-251124-4.

World Population 2004.
United Nations. New York. 2005. Wall chart. (ST/ESA/SER.A/242)
Sales No.: E.05.XIII.4.

XVII International Statistics
Monthly bulletin of Statistics / Bulletin Mensuel de Statistique: Issue No. 1011, Vol. LIX, No. 9, September / Edition n˚ 1011, Vol. LIX, n˚ 9, Septembre.
United Nations/Nations Unies. New York. 2005. xii, 313 p. (ST/ESA/STAT/SER.Q/393)
Online version: http://unstats.un.org/unsd/mbs


AIDS epidemic update: Special report on HIV Prevention; December 2005.
Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS and World Health Organization (WHO). 2005. 90 p.
ISBN 92-9-173439-X.
Online version: http://www.unaids.org/epi2005/doc/EPIupdate2005_pdf_en/epi-update2005_en.pdf

Le point sur l’épidémie de SIDA: Rapport spécial sur la prévention du VIH; Décembre 2005.
Programme commun des Nations Unies sur le VIH/SIDA (ONUSIDA) and Organisation mondiale de la Santé (OMS). 2005. 96 p.
ISBN 92-9-173458-6.
Online version: http://www.unaids.org/epi2005/doc/EPIupdate2005_pdf_fr/epi_update_2005_fr.pdf

Situación de la epidemia de SIDA: Informe especial sobre la prevención del VIH ; Diciembre de 2005.
Programa Conjunto de las Naciones Unidas sobre el VIH/SIDA (ONUSIDA) y Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS). 2005. 95 p.
ISBN 92-9-173459-4.
Online version: http://www.unaids.org/epi2005/doc/EPIupdate2005_pdf_sp/epi-update2005_sp.pdf