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UNRIC Library Newsletter – March 2005

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UNRIC Library Newsletter – March 2005
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Special Focus: “In Larger Freedom: Towards Development, Security and Human Rights for All” Report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for decision by Heads of State and Government in September 2005 (A/59/2005, 21 March 2005)

After the Tsunami: Rapid Environmental Assessment
New UNEP Report Makes Recommendations on How to Reduce Vulnerability to Future Coastal Hazards

AIDS in Africa: three scenarios to 2025 (UNAIDS report)

Asylum Levels and Trends in Industrialized Countries, 2004 (UNHCR report)

Beijing +10 & UN works campaign: Women work for equality, family, peace
UN Works launched a website feature for Beijing + 10 which profiles real women of all ages and backgrounds. The site includes links to NGOs and grass roots organizations as way to allow visitors to learn more and get involved. It will be updated with interviews with women attending the conference and film clips.

Commission on Human Rights
61st session, Geneva
(14 March-22 April 2005)

Committee of Experts in Public Administration
Fourth Session, 4-8 April 2005, United Nations Secretariat, New York

Global Environment Outlook Year Book 2004/2005 (UNEP)

International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) Annual Report for 2004

International Women's Day 2005
English: "Gender Equality Beyond 2005: Building a More Secure Future"
French: Journée international de la femme – Égalité entre les sexes au-dèla de 2005 : Bâtir un avenir plus sûr
Spanish: Día Internacional de la Mujer - Igualdad entre los géneros más allá de 2005: construir un futuro más seguro

Iran: Earthquake – Feb 2005 (ReliefWeb)

Marcoeconomic Data for UNECE Countries now available on Web
>>The Statistical Division of the Economic Commission for Europe is announcing today the public availability of its free Internet access to macroeconomic statistics on countries in the region.  The statistics provided by this service are the empirical basis for the Economic Survey of Europe and other analysis carried out by the secretariat of the Commission.<< (Press Release REC/177, 24 February 2005)

Online Volunteering service celebrates 5th anniversary

Our Common Interest: Report of the Commission for Africa
(Please note: This is not a UN document)
“The Commission for Africa (CFA), brainchild of British premier Tony Blair, launched its long-awaited report on 11 March, urging increased aid to the continent, but stressing the need for African governments to do their bit too. The report, which was launched simultaneously in London and Addis Ababa, is an attempt to come out with sustainable and far-reaching solutions to tackle Africa's grinding poverty and governance issues, and put the continent back on the road to recovery.”

UN Chronicle E-Alert:
The United Nations General Assembly - A Review of the First Committee

(Disarmament and International Security)

“United Nations' UNIFEED provides journalists around the world with pictures and stories about the UNITED NATIONS and the people we serve. UNIFEED delivers to the world's broadcasters stories produced by several UN agencies and programmes. The 10-minute UNIFEED transmission features professionally-shot stories and expert interviews on a variety of international issues, often featuring countries rarely visited by broadcast journalists. The stories focus on pressing international issues such as HIV/AIDS, conflict resolution, poverty and the environment and highlight efforts by the UN and its agencies to tackle them.”

WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC)
entered info force 27 February 2005

World Book and Copyright Day - April 23, 2005

French: Journée mondiale du livre et du droit d'auteur - 23 avril 2005

Spanish: Día mundial del libro y del derecho de autor - 23 de abril de 2005

World Day for Water 2005: Water for Life [observed on 22 March]

World Health Day – Make every mother and child count [observed on 7 April]
French: Journée mondiale de la Santé 2005 : Donnons sa chance à chaque mère et à chaque enfant
Spanish: Día Mundial de la Salud 2005: Cada madre y cada niño contarán

World Meteorological Day – Weather, climate, water and sustainable development [observed on 23 March]
French: Journée météorologique mondiale - Le temps, le climat, l’eau et le développement durable
Spanish: Día Meteorológico Mundial - El tiempo, el clima, el agua y el desarrollo sostenible

World No-Tobacco Day – Role of health professionals on tobacco control
[observed on 31 May]

World Tuberculosis Day [observed on 24 March]

World Population Prospects:  The 2004 Revision (Highlights)