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UNRIC Library Newsletter - June 2014 - New titles

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UNRIC Library Newsletter - June 2014
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added to the library collection in June

I    General Information and Reference

UN Chronicle. Volume LI, Number 1, 2014: “The 50th Anniversary of the Group of 77 at the United Nations”. 43 p.
Online version: http://unchronicle.un.org/

II.D    Trade, Finance and Commerce

Rapport sur le commerce et le développement 2013 : S’adapter à la nouvelle dynamique de l’économie mondiale.
Nations Unies. New York et Genève. 2012. xi, 201 p. (UNCTAD/TDR/2013)
Sales No. F.13.II.D.3.
Online version: http://unctad.org/fr/PublicationsLibrary/tdr2013_fr.pdf

II.E    Economic Commission for Europe (ECE)

Environmental Performance Reviews: Croatia; Second Review.
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2014. xxvi, 205 p. (ECE/CEP/172)
Sales No. E.14.II.E.7. ISBN 978-92-1-117076-4.
Online version: http://www.unece.org/index.php?id=35485

Environmental Performance Reviews: Morocco.
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2014. xxx, 234 p. (ECE/CEP/170)
Sales No. E.14.II.E.5. ISBN 978-92-1-117074-0.
Online version: http://www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/env/epr/epr_studies/ECE_CEP_170_En.pdf

Environmental Performance Reviews: Republic of Moldova; Third Review.
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2014. xix, 184 p. (ECE/CEP/171)
Sales No. E.14.II.E.6. ISBN 978-92-1-117075-7.
Online version: http://www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/thepep/documents/39_Moldova_III.pdf

Innovation Policy for Green Technologies: Guide for Policymakers in the Transition Economies of Europe and Central Asia.
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2014. xii, 144 p. (ECE/CECI/20)
Sales No. E.14.II.E.3. ISBN 978-92-1-117072-6.
Online version: http://www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/ceci/publications/GreenTechnology/ECE_CECI_20_web.pdf

II.G     Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean (ECLAC)

Preliminary Overview of the Economies of Latin America and the Caribbean, 2013.
United Nations. Santiago, Chile. 2013. 87 p.
Sales No. E.14.II.G.2. ISBN 978-92-1-121839-0.
Online version: http://un4.me/1nkh5gL

III.T    International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO)

International Trade Forum, Issue 1, 2014. 38 p.
“Trade in Services”
Online version: http://www.tradeforum.org/2014-01/

V    International Law

Yearbook of the International Law Commission 2007, Volume II: Report of the Commission to the General Assembly on the work of the fifty-ninth session.
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2014. iii, 105 p. (A/CN.4/SER.A/2007/Add.1 (Part 2))
Sales No. E.12.V.14 (Part 2). ISBN 978-92-1-133799-0.
Online version: http://legal.un.org/ilc/publications/yearbooks/yearbooks.htm

XIV    Human Rights (including Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights - OHCHR)

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Training Guide No. 19 (Professional Training Series).
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2014. 153 p. (HR/P/PT/19)
Sales No. E.14.XIV.2. ISBN 978-92-1-154203-5.
Online version: http://www.ohchr.org/Documents/Publications/CRPD_TrainingGuide_PTS19_EN%20Accessible.pdf

World Health Organization (WHO)

Bulletin of the World Health Organization: Volume 92, Issue 6, June 2014, p. 385-464.
Online version: http://www.who.int/bulletin/volumes/92/6/en/index.html