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UNRIC Library Newsletter - January 2012

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UNRIC Library Newsletter - January 2012
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New Websites within the UN System

UN in General

United Nations Oral History
For the first time, select interview transcripts and audio files from this collection are available online.  From first-hand participants, learn about discussions held during the creation of the United Nations Charter; learn more of the origins of "Uniting for Peace" resolution; discover how the UN Special Commission (UNSCOM) inspections searched for weapons of mass destruction. Take a tour back in time as former delegates, UN staff members, and journalists recount their experiences with the United Nations. The Library's Oral History collection is comprised of close to 200 interviews conducted over the course of 25 years. Covering many major events since the Organization's founding, the collection sheds light on the rich history of the United Nations.

UNRIC Library Backgrounder – UN Websites on Sustainable Development

Year in Review 2011
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2011 - Earth's 7 billionth resident was born into a world of contradiction and change. There could be enough for all, yet a billion people remain hungry. Around the world protestors fought for freedom and better opportunities. From conflict in Libya to nuclear disaster in Japan and famine at the Horn of Africa - the UN provided relief and solutions. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared sustainable development and lifting people out of poverty the main goals of his second term in office.


Peace and Security

United Nations Peacekeeping Operations – Fact Sheet: 31 December 2011 (DPI/1634/Rev.128, January 2012)

United Nations Political and Peacebuilding Missions – Fact Sheet: 31 December 2011 (DPI/2166/Rev.102, January 2012)


Economic & Social Development

Afghan Opium Survey for 2011 (UNODC)
The price of opium in Afghanistan rose dramatically last year, according to a joint survey by the United Nations and the Government that was released on 12 January, which also shows that the farm-gate income from the narcotic probably amounted to over $1.4 billion, equivalent to nine per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP). The 2011 Afghan Opium Survey, carried out by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Ministry of Counter Narcotics, reveals a 133 per cent increase in the farm-gate value of opium compared with the previous year.

Case Study on Youth Participatory Research on Education Quality in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States - Innovative Practices, Lessons Learned and Recommendations (UNICEF)
Young people often report that they are not given the opportunity to participate in processes that affect their lives; or when they are, they often feel their participation is not meaningful enough. A new case study on youth participatory research supported by UNICEF’s Education in Emergencies and Post-Crisis Transition (EEPCT) programme, or Back on Track, looks at the methodology and processes used in ‘A Study of Adolescent and Youth Perspectives on Education Quality in the Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CEE/CIS) Region’ (henceforth referred to as ‘Adolescent and Youth Perspectives Research’).

Drinking Water: Equity, Safety and Sustainability (UNICEF / WHO)
UNICEF and the World Health Organization released a report on 20 December showing that the Millennium Development Goal of improving access to safe drinking water will likely be achieved considerably ahead of the 2015 target date.  The report says between 1990 and 2008, the proportion of the world’s population with access to improved drinking water sources increased from 77 per cent to 87 per cent.  That means the world will soon meet the MDG target to halve the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water.

Economic Role of Cities (UN-HABITAT)
The report examines the economic role of cities. It illustrates the important contributions of cities to national economic development and poverty reduction. It looks at the agglomeration economies, city clusters, city regions and mega city regions.


Human Rights

Prevent, Combat, Protect: Human Trafficking; Joint UN Commentary on the EU Directive – A Human Rights-Based Approach
At a time when the Member States are embarking on the transposition of the Directive into national legislation, this joint UN Commentary by UNHCR, OHCHR, UNICEF, UNODC, ILO and UN Women on the Directive is meant to support these efforts, by providing practical guidance on the application of a human rights-based approach to the transposition and implementation of the EU instrument. The commentary on selected provisions of the Directive is complemented by boxes with the relevant international standards and examples of good practice. It also provides a series of concrete recommendation for the transposition and implementation of the Directive.

Reference Guide: Normative developments on the coordination of humanitarian assistance in the General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council since the adoption of General Assembly resolution 46/182; 2nd Edition (20th anniversary of General Assembly resolution 46/182)
Twenty years ago General Assembly resolution 46/182 provided the framework for emergency relief. Since 1991, significant challenges have emerged from the changing environment in which assistance has been provided. These challenges are evident in a number of areas, such as those related to internal displacement, gender, access, protection, safety and security of humanitarian personnel, humanitarian civil-military relation, global challenges and vulnerability, among others. This updated Reference Guide is intended to provide a concise overview of the normative evolution of key policy decisions of the General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council pertaining to humanitarian affairs as seen through humanitarian resolutions since 1991.

Smuggling of Migrants by Sea (UNODC Issue Paper)
The paper covers the international legal framework relating to the smuggling of migrants by sea, current responses to and challenges posed by such smuggling and recommendations to strengthen responses.

New information material

Single copies of the following titles can be ordered via e-mail: [email protected]

Africa Renewal, Volume 25, No. 4, December 2011. 27 p.
“NEPAD: Building foundations for a new Africa“.
Online version:

Afrique Renouveau, Volume 25, No.4, Décembre 2011.  2011. 27 p.
« NEPAD : Bâtir les fondations de l’Afrique nouvelle »
Online version:

UN Chronicle. Volume XLVIII, Number 4, 2011. 43 p.
 “7 Billion People 1 United Nations: Hand in Hands”
Online version:

World Economic Situation and Prospects 2012.
United Nations. New York. 2012. xxiv, 174 p.
Sales No. E.12.II.C.2. ISBN 978-92-1-109164-9.
Online version:


added to the library collection in January

The Holocaust and the UN Outreach Programme

The Last Flight of Petr Ginz.
Production of The Documentary Film Program at Wake Forest University and The Documentary Institute at The University of Florida.
DVD. 67min.
Online version of the Study Guide:

The Holocaust - Keeping the Memory Alive – International Poster Competition 2012: Exhibit of the 16 winning entries
The competition is a project of the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research (ITF). Partnering in the project:  Yad Vashem, Israel: Mémorial de la Shoah, France; and the European Shoah Legacy Institute, Czech Republic  and the UN Holocaust Programme.

Further material available at the UNRIC Library:

I    General Information and Reference

Rapport sur la situation du volontariat dans le monde 2011 : Valeurs universelles pour le bien-être mondial.
UN Volontaires. 2011. xxvi, 134 p.
Sales No. F.11.I.12. ISBN 978-92-1-200324-5.
Online version:

II.C    World Economy

World Economic Situation and Prospects 2012.
United Nations. New York. 2012. xxiv, 174 p.
Sales No. E.12.II.C.2. ISBN 978-92-1-109164-9.
Online version:

II.D    Trade, Finance and Commerce

Review of Maritime Transport, 2011: Report by the UNCTAD secretariat.
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2011. xvi, 213 p. (UNCTAD/RMT/2011)
Sales No. E.11.II.D.4. ISBN 978-92-1-112841-3.
Online version:

UNCTAD Handbook of Statistics 2011 / Manuel de Statistiques de la CNUCED 2011.
United Nations / Nations Unies. New York and Geneva / New York et Genève. 2011.
xlii, 470 p. (plus CD-ROM)  TD/STAT/36)
Sales No. E/F.11.II.D.1. ISBN 978-92-1-112829-1.
Online version:;intItemID=5772&lang=1&mode=downloads

III.T    International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO)

Forum du commerce international, numéro 3, 2011. 39 p.
“Sécurité alimentaire, agriculture et développement du commerce”
Online version:

III.U    Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

UNHCR Global Appeal 2012-2013: Challenging Times, Dangerous World.
UNHCR. Geneva. 2011. 118 p. + DVD.
Online version:

V    International Law

Annuaire de la Commission du droit international 2005. Volume I : Comptes rendus analytiques des séances de la cinquante-septième session, 2 mai – 3 juin et 4 juillet – 5 août 2004.
Nations Unies. New York et Genève. 2011. xviii, 263 p. (A/CN.4/SER.A/2005)
Sales No. F.11.V.3. ISBN 978-92-1-233501-8.

Yearbook of the International Law Commission 2004, Volume II, Part One: Documents of the fifty-sixth session.
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2010. xxi, 276 p.
(A/CN.4/SER.A/2004/Add.1 (Part 1))
Sales No. E.10.V.9 (Part 1). ISBN 978-92-1-133698-6.
Online version:

IX    Disarmament and Atomic Energy

Global Nuclear Security: Building Greater Accountability and Cooperation / Pavel Podvig.
United Nations. New York and Geneva. 2011. xi, 64 p. (UNIDIR/2011/9)
Online version:

World Health Organization (WHO)

Bulletin of the World Health Organization: Volume 90, Number 1, January 2012,
p. 1-76.
Online version: