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Lorenzo Natali Prize 2011

LorenzoNataliThe European Union in partnership with Reporters Without Borders give people a chance to tell their amazing story and make a difference by entering Europe's premier human rights, democracy and development award for journalism.

The Lorenzo Natali Prize 2011 is open to print, online or broadcast reporters worldwide.

Congratulations to Tom Heinemann, winner of the Lorenzo Natali Journalism Grand Prize for a world-class investigative journalism television documentary ‘The Micro Debt’.

Brussels, 08 December 2011 – 17 winners from all around the world were awarded the Lorenzo Natali Prize for outstanding journalistic work covering issues of development, human rights and democracy during the award ceremony in Brussels tonight. They have been chosen from more than 1300 participants.

The Prize is in its 20th year. Through this Prize, the European Commission aims to reward journalists reporting in often challenging circumstances, celebrating the ways in which journalism can be a seed of positive change, the inspiration for development, and the engine for democracy and human rights.

The subjects covered by other Lorenzo Natali Prize 2011 winners are: micro-credit, corrective rape and the double life of homosexuals in Africa, India’s sex ratios, trafficking of children, witchcraft, female genital mutilation, slavery, etc.

A full list of all the winners and their articles and TV and Radio pieces are available on this website in the Winners section.

Ended: August 31, 2011.

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