"The Supreme Price", a film by Joanna Lipper

17 March, 20:15, ICA London

Runtime: 75'

The Supreme Price Poster UNThe Supreme Price provides a unprecedented look inside Africa’s most populous nation from the perspective of women, exposing a deep history of political corruption and a culture where a tiny circle of political elites monopolize billions of dollars worth of oil revenue while the vast majority of 165 million Nigerian people remain impoverished.

"A critically acclaimed new documentary, The Supreme Price, tells the story of the Abiola family, which battled for gender equality and democracy in a nation where both have been repressed for decades.” - The Independent

"The Supreme Price is one of ten films all human rights activists should see.” - Huffington Post

The film will be followed by a Q&A with guest speakers:

  • Joanna Lipper, Director of The Supreme Price and Lecturer at Harvard University
  • Funmi Iyanda, CEO of Ignite Media Nigeria, and a partner of Creation Media UK, as well as award-winning TV anchor, broadcaster, producer and journalist

The film is in English and has a running time of 75mins

Those who arrive late may not be admitted.