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1201 Governments at UN forum agree on legally-binding treaty to curb mercury pollution 21 Jan, 2013
1202 Global launch of the World Economic Situation and Prospects 2013 18 Jan, 2013
1203 Last chance to development-proof the CAP, warns UN food expert on the eve of key EU Parliament vote 17 Jan, 2013
1204 Through online baby shower, Shakira and UNICEF raise awareness on child survival 17 Jan, 2013
1205 Spotlight on the Arctic at Brussel´s Cine-ONU 17 Jan, 2013
1206 e-discussion on Jobs and Livelihoods in the post-2015 development agenda 16 Jan, 2013
1207 New global strategy targets raft of neglected tropical diseases – UN health agency 16 Jan, 2013
1208 e-discussion on inequalities faced by girls, #post2015 agenda 16 Jan, 2013
1209 Four-Year Study Finds Black Carbon Second Biggest Climate Pollutant, Behind Carbon Dioxide 15 Jan, 2013
1210 Newsmaker Interview: John Ging, John Ging, Director of Operations, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs 15 Jan, 2013
1211 SG Ban honoured by online Chinese platform for engagement in social media 15 Jan, 2013
1212 FAO reports drop in food prices for third consecutive month 10 Jan, 2013
1213 New UN environment studies show rising mercury threat to people in developing countries 10 Jan, 2013
1214 Countries must address lack of women in science and technology fields – UN 08 Jan, 2013
1215 Violence against women: Despite progress, a long way to go in Afghanistan 03 Jan, 2013
1216 UN ends Timor-Leste operation 02 Jan, 2013
1217 The year of the golden grain 21 Dec, 2012
1218 Syria: UN commission paints a bleak picture 20 Dec, 2012
1219 With a little help from my friends 19 Dec, 2012
1220 Water down the drain 19 Dec, 2012
1221 A new and better life? 18 Dec, 2012
1222 UNICEF and UNHCR were selected today to get some of the EU funding (Nobel Peace Prize) 18 Dec, 2012
1223 Tragedy in Lesvos: 21 dead at sea and 6 missing in attempt to cross from Turkish coast 17 Dec, 2012
1224 Private companies join forces with UN agencies to boost disaster preparedness and relief 13 Dec, 2012
1225 2012 Sakharov Prize: a cry for justice and freedom in Iran 12 Dec, 2012
1226 UN expert urges States to stand up for right to education, especially for girls 12 Dec, 2012
1227 Aint no mountain high enough 11 Dec, 2012
1228 On Human Rights Day, UN officials highlight how every voice counts 10 Dec, 2012
1229 Accountability for perpetrators, and the right to truth and justice for victims of war-time sexual violence 10 Dec, 2012
1230 Principles matter – not just in principle 10 Dec, 2012

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