Official Development Aid crucial for achieving Sustainable Development

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UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohamed,  Paris, SDG, OECD event

5 April 2017. Governments must stand by their commitments “now” in providing Official Development Aid, Amina Mohammed, the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, told the OECD´s Global Forum on Development in Paris today.

Official Development Aid (ODA) is crucial for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, and international aid, if it is provided in a useful and efficient way, and  “with catalytic ODA, countries can shift over time from  international to domestic sources”, Amina Mohammed added,

“We have to unpack new investment opportunities. (…)and we have to foster a culture of close cooperation with the private sector (…) we have to realize that gender equality is a win for everyone and scale up infrastructure investments,” the UN Deputy Secretary-General continued.

Triumph of multilateralism

“Many people look at the geopolitical dynamics in our world with some dismay. They are rightly worried that leaders may rollback the gains of recent years. This is a real concern – but let us focus on the potential out there. This is an era of the possible,” said Amina Mohammed.  

Furthermore she reiterated that the international community already had a framework for Sustainable Development, for its financing and a climate agreement.  “These agreements show how investing in a sustainable future can end the injustice of poverty.”

“Our global agreements reached on climate change, the SDGs and Financing for Development were a triumph of multilateralism,” she said.

 The Sustainable Development Goals are  “an imperative – and an extraordinary opportunity.

These Goals are an answer to the prevailing isolationism and protectionism.”