IOM World Migration Report 2013: Migrant Well-being and Development

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The individual well-being of migrants is the central theme of IOM's World Migration Report 2013: Migrant Well-being and Development, which will be released on 13th September amidst a growing debate on how the benefits of migration can best be harnessed for development.

Policy and studies linking migration and development tend to concentrate on the economic consequences of migratory processes while the impact of migration on the lives of individuals can easily be overlooked. The WMR 2013 however takes an exceptional look at migrants as persons by exploring how migration affects quality of life and human development.

The report draws upon the findings of a unique source of data – the Gallup World Poll – which is conducted in more than 150 countries, allowing for an assessment of the well-being of migrants worldwide for the first time, and examines outcomes on six core dimensions of well-being: Financial, Career, Social, Community, Physical and Subjective. The WMR 2013 makes recommendations on monitoring migrant well-being in the future and on the impact of migration on development. It also looks at the inclusion of migration in the global post-2015 development framework.

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