UK & Ireland: UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Ireland

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Eire-GuterresThe High Commissioner for Refugees, Mr António Guterres is visiting Ireland on 10 and 11 October. Mr Guterres will meet various politicians including the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Eamon Gilmore and with the Minister for Justice and Equality, Alan Shatter and also with refugees, stateless persons and asylum seekers. The visit of High Commissioner Guterres will draw the attention of the Irish people to issues faced by refugees who come to Ireland.



In an interview with ‘Morning Ireland’ the High Commissioner expressed his hope that Ireland will be able to use its role as EU president to maintain current activities with regards to refugees. “We are now at the moment in which we are discussing in the EU the next round of the humanitarian budget, and Ireland can be an important voice to make sure the European budget does not decrease”. Mr Guterres said. He also praised Ireland for the work it has done for refugees over the last years. “It is remarkable that the Irish government is still, in these very difficult situations, contributing in a very meaningful way to our activities world wide” he said referring to the economic crisis Ireland is experiencing.

Mr Guteres has recently been drawing the world’s attention to the difficulties and issues refugees fleeing from Syria and from Mali are facing. The High Commissioner has described the current levels of humanitarian crises being faced around the world as being unmatched in recent history.

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