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Invitation to a panel discussion on aid effectiveness for development

Aid EffectivenessWhat progress has been made on the Aid Effectiveness agenda set up in Paris and Accra? The Fourth High-Level Forum (HLF) on Aid Effectiveness that will take place in Busan (Korea) next November will allow international and civil society organizations to debate the progress made over the past five years in improving the effectiveness of aid, and develop forward-looking strategies.

What are the expectations? Due to the economic and financial crisis, some targets set in the Paris Declaration may not have been reached by the due date of 2010 and, subsequently, goal number one of the Millennium Declaration, reduction of poverty and inequalities may not be reached by 2015. How can aid effectiveness evolve to better support development effectiveness for sustainable change within a democratic framework?
The panel discussion will give an overview of the challenges that will be raised during the Busan conference. This discussion is jointly organized by the Belgian French speaking UNA (APNU), OECD, EURODAD and UNRIC.
Who? -Hubert de Milly, Aid Effectiveness Division, DCD, OECD, Paris;
-Bodo Ellmers, European Network on Debt and Development (EURODAD), Brussels;
-Nicola Harrington, Director ai UNDP/UN Office, Brussels;
-Julia Zhyzko, Policy Advisory Unit to Director General, Directorate General for Development Cooperation, Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade & Development Co-operation.
The panel members will give short 10 minute introductions followed by a debate moderated by Janos Tisovszky, Deputy Director, UNRIC.
When? 4 March 2011, 17.30-19.30
Where?  International Press Centre, Polak room, Residence Palace , Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat, 155. 
Language of presentations: English. 
Registration:   [email protected]  
For more information:
Alexandra Froger [email protected]  Tel. +32 (0)2 788.84.61
Jean-Luc Onckelinx [email protected]  Tel. +32 (0) 476 215 485