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Millennium Film Festival, Brussels, 12-18 June 2010

Millennium Film Festival banner 

The next edition of ‘Millenium’ Festival will take place from the 12th to the 18th June 2010 at the Vendôme cinema in Brussels. During this week, the international documentary film festival will screen about 50 films, from all over the world, that uphold, at the same time, the authenticity of the filmmaker’s approach and a high cinematographic quality. The opening ceremony will be on Saturday 12th of June in Flagey. The festival’s headquarters will be at CIVA (Centre International pour la ville, l'architecture et les paysages) where screenings and debates will also take place.

At the dawn of a new Millennium, the United Nations set out to achieve 8 goals by 2015. These 8 Millennium Development Goals aim to reduce world poverty, its repercussions and for ensuring the sustainability of our environment. Yet, as the target date of 2015 is swiftly approaching, it is of paramount importance to support these goals in hope that they are achieved. The ‘Millenium’ Festival is committed to supporting this message through the insightful art of documentary filmmaking. Its objective is to raise awareness that behind these goals there lie individuals and communities with their own unique stories and opinions. For this reason, the ‘Millenium’ Festival will present innovative documentary films whose themes relate to the 8 Millennium Development Goals and will bring together people from all backgrounds to exchange ideas and to debate over fundamental questions.

The competition will bring together 15 documentary films, among which are Award for Best Film, Award for Best Development Message (offered by the UNDP), Award for Best Human Rights Message (offered by the OHCHR) and the Special Jury Award. The jury will comprise of 7 members and will be presided by Belgian director, Marion Hänsel. 21 individuals of all generations and backgrounds will decide on the Special Jury Award winner.

All film directors on the programme will be invited to the festival to present their film and exchange their points of view with the public and professionals.

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