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The United Nations has sought to capitalise on the popularity of video games to educate and raise awareness about the work of the organization.

From the crippling toll of hunger to the desperate plight of refugees, the United Nations system is turning to video games as a vivid tool with realistic simulations to raise awareness of the world’s ills among the more affluent nations.

Fast Car: Travelling Safely around the World (UNESCO)

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Age: 16 to 24

FastCarFast Car is a United Nations racing game that helps you learn about HIV and AIDS prevention and takes you on a tour of some of the World's Heritage sites.

The game aims to provide young people with accurate and reliable information about HIV prevention, intending to educate and entertain as well as promote healthy behaviour.

Produced by UNESCO

Stylista - WFP And Sandbox Global Join Forces

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Age: 12+

22feb-stylistaHosted on the social networking site Facebook, the Stylista game will now offers limited edition t-shirts and bags that will contribute to the World Food Programme's (WFP) assistance operations inside Syria.

"This is the first Facebook game to support WFP's emergency response in Syria," said the Director of WFP Global Private Partnerships, Jay Aldous. "We are grateful for the support of Sandbox Global and the network of Stylista players for their contribution to our life-saving work."

Produced by Sandbox Gloabal in support of the United Nations emergency response in Syria

Against All Odds (UNHCR)

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Age: 12 to 15

AgainstAllOddsDeveloped by UNHCR and designed to teach players about the plight of refugees, the game was originally released in Swedish in 2005. It has been translated into 9 languages, including English.

Players take on the role of a refugee, and play through twelve stages - depicting his persecution and flight from his native country, through to eventual integration into a foreign country as an asylum seeker.

The game is aimed at 12 - 15 year olds, an age where people begin to develop ideas regarding refugees and similar issues.

Produced by the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR)

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