Monday, 21 May 2018

UN in your language

May - Spring may be keeping us waiting here in northern Europe, but partnerships have been blooming in the last month


The new UN-EU communication initiative Partnering for a better world between UNRIC and the European Commission's Directorate-General for Communication had its 'soft' launch at MIP TV, in Cannes, last month and will be extended to the EEAS. A new platform open to all ideas.

We are also delighted to announce a new partnership with Goodplanet's 7 billion Others project is also in the works. 7 billion is a visionary project consisting of thousands of video interviews filmed in more than 84 countries and counting, drawing a large portrait of humanity. Take a few minutes to check out the website and you'll get the idea (

We have also been working on revitalizing the UN Associations, especially in Europe. Some are doing amazing work while others are languishing. Luckily two true friends of the UN- French diplomat Bernard Miyet, who after a long career as a diplomat joined the UN as USG for Peacekeeping under Kofi Annan, and Sir Jeremy Greenstock, a former British ambassador to the UN have been named presidents of the UNA France and UNA UK respectively and have expressed great enthusiasm to reenergize the UN associations.

Watch this space for more news soon.