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N.1014         DOI  - 04.07.2007

By way of reply to the EU Commission’s Press Release dated 28 June 2007, regarding the liberalisation of the petroleum products market in Malta, it is pertinent to point out that on the 8th June 2007, the Maltese Government published a Bill to amend the Malta Resources Authority Act, in a manner which paves the way for effective liberalisation.

The Bill has already been discussed in Parliament during several sittings and it is expected to become law in the next few weeks.

A number of Regulations related to fuel liberalisation are also being prepared, and these will be published by 30th September 2007.

Government believes that for liberalisation to be successful and advantageous for Maltese citizens, it cannot take place in a regulatory vacuum.  Once the necessary legal framework is in place, petroleum products will start to be traded in line with the EU Treaty.

Giornata Internazionale dell'amicizia

Giornata internazionale dell'amicizia

In occasione della Giornata internazionale dell'amicizia, il Centro di Informazione Regionale delle Nazioni Unite per l’Europa Occidentale, in collaborazione con Good Planet Foundation,  vi presenta il video prodotto per promuovere la fratellanza tra persone, paesi, culture ed individui, sostenendo la pace ed eliminando le barriere tra le comunità sociali.

Video della settimana 

In occasione della Giornata mondiale umanitaria, il Centro di Informazione Regionale delle Nazioni Unite per l’Europa Occidentale,  vi presenta il video messaggio del Segretario Generale Ban Ki-moon.