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Secretary-General's remarks on launch of Global Development Index, 1 July 2013


I am pleased to join you for this launch of the 2013 Global Innovation Index.

I thank the World Intellectual Property Organization, Cornell University and INSEAD Business School for their leadership.

Science, technology and innovation have played an enormous role in the world’s progress towards the Millennium Development Goals.

Simple vaccinations against childhood diseases save 2.5 million lives every year.

Information and communications technologies power new businesses and create jobs, enrich cultural lives and drive social movements.

Again and again, we are reminded of the important role of science, technology and innovation, as well as culture, in advancing health, education, sustainable energy and other development challenges.

This year’s Global Innovation Index shows that the face of innovation in the twenty-first century is changing.

Innovation is increasingly open, collaborative and international.

As the international community works to develop the post-2015 development agenda, we must continue to harness the transformative power of science, technology and innovation.

As the theme of the Global Innovation Index implies, innovation must be locally adapted and build on home-grown knowledge and expertise.

Science, technology and innovation will play a key role in driving sustainable development.

My High Level Panel on the Post 2015 Development Agenda highlighted the need to have an accurate picture of progress and where we must intensify efforts.

The Global Innovation Index provides a unique and important tool for meeting this objective by offering a detailed set of metrics for refining innovation policies.

It responds to the High Level Panel’s call for a global partnership on development data.

I very much hope that this work paves the way to informing national policies and priorities for innovation.

I know that you will continue to develop and refine this Index in collaboration with your Knowledge Partners, Advisory Board members and the organizations that help provide the data which underpins the Index.

I look forward to continuing our work with WIPO to ensure that we all may benefit from this important contribution to the role of science, technology and innovation in achieving the MDGs and promoting sustainable development.

Thank you.

The nexus between crime and development 

Ecco un altro dei film presentati all'apertura del 13° Congresso delle Nazioni Unite sulla prevenzione del Crimine e la Giustizia Penale - Il nesso tra il crimine e lo sviluppo


60 Years UN Crime Congress 

Ecco uno dei due film presentati durante l'apertura del 13° Congresso delle Nazioni Unite sulla prevenzione del Crimine e la Giustizia Penale


Videoritratti dal Ruanda per la Giornata della commemorazione delle vittime del genocidio - "7 Billion Others" 

Ecco il video della campagna "7 Billion Others" in occasione della Giornata mondiale di Riflessione sul Genocidio in Ruanda, 7 aprile 2015.

How safe is your food? - Giornata Mondiale della Salute 2015

Ecco il video dell'Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità (OMS) in occasione della Giornata Mondiale della Salute del 7 Aprile 2015.

Cosa c'è nel tuo pasto? Da dove provengono gli ingredienti? Sono stati gestiti correttamente e in maniera sicura in ogni fase della produzione, dalla terra alla tavola? L'OMS sta esortando ad agire in questi settori nel giorno della Giornata Mondiale della Salute, il 7 aprile 2015, ed invita i produttori, i leaders politici e l'opinione pubblica a promuovere la sicurezza alimentare.


Secretary General's message for International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action

Ecco il video-messaggio di Ban Ki-moon in occasione della Giornata Internazionale per la Consapevolezza sulle Mine e l'Assistenza all'Azione Contro le Mine 2015.