Giovedì, 31 Luglio 2014
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Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Kosovo (SRSG) meets Italian Foreign Minister D’Alema


PRISTINA – Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Kosovo (SRSG) Joachim Rücker met Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema today in Rome. The SRSG acknowledged the key role of Italy in Southeast Europe and in crucial fora including the Contact Group, the European Union and the UN Security Council. Mr. Rücker thanked Minister D’Alema for Italy’s contribution to KFOR and UNMIK.

The SRSG briefed the Foreign Minister on progress in Standards implementation, particularly with regard to issues concerning minorities. More needs to be done to build on achievements made to date, the SRSG said, but he also underlined the difficulty in making progress while Kosovo Serbs remain outside the institutions. Standards implementation is at the core of Kosovo’s work towards European integration, he said, noting that the European perspective is the key driver of reform throughout the region. Mr. Rücker also provided an update on the transition planning process, noting that developments in the status process led by Special Envoy Martti Ahtisaari will be reflected in the planning underway.

The SRSG stressed the crucial and constructive role that the Kosovo Unity Team is playing during this decisive period, highlighting the importance of maintaining unity by the political leaders. Mr. Rücker also noted the necessity to keep the momentum of the status process. A timely resolution of status would be in the interests also of the entire region and contribute to continued stability, he said.


Giornata Internazionale dell'amicizia

Giornata internazionale dell'amicizia

In occasione della Giornata internazionale dell'amicizia, il Centro di Informazione Regionale delle Nazioni Unite per l’Europa Occidentale, in collaborazione con Good Planet Foundation,  vi presenta il video prodotto per promuovere la fratellanza tra persone, paesi, culture ed individui, sostenendo la pace ed eliminando le barriere tra le comunità sociali.

Video della settimana 

In occasione della Giornata internazionale per le vittime di tortura, vi presentiamo questo video della campagna #TortureFreeWorld organizzata da Anti-Torture Initiative in collaborazione con Juan E. Méndez, Relatore speciale delle Nazioni Unite sulla tortura.