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Prioritize ‘full employment’, says Italian President, Geneva, 13 June 2012

NapolitanoItalian President Giorgio Napolitano stressed the need for sustainable growth grounded in social justice, and told delegates at the International Labour Conference that “full employment” should once again be a top priority.

“Full employment contributes above all to achieving human dignity,"the Italian head of state said, adding that it should become the priority it was in the first decades after World War II.

Strategies to restart growth in Europe should aim at boosting employment. In addition to structural reforms, they should be based on: “a restart of public investments in infrastructure and human capital, research and innovations, especially in the least developed regions”, he said.

“This means turning to European resources – mobilizing new instruments such as European obligations destined to common projects.”

He also highlighted the importance of Social Protection Floors “not only for the interests of emerging economies, but also a fair global development.” Delegates at the ILC are expected to adopt a Recommendation to governments on how to enhance the coverage and effectiveness of basic social protection for all.

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