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Vidéos et DVD

La Bibliothèque dispose d’une collection de vidéos et de DVD produits par les Nations Unies, disponibles en anglais, français, espagnol, néerlandais et portugais.

Le catalogue peut être consulté ici.



United Nations films bring to their audiences a global point of view on the sometimes controversial issues of our time. The various topics are presented in a variety of styles, from humorous animated shorts to informative documentary reports filmed around the world.

UNRIC Brussels offers a wide selection of UN films for loan to educational institutions and non-governmental organizations in the following languages:

Borrowing Conditions

Videos & DVDs are available free-of-charge for a loan period of 4 weeks. If an extension is required please do not hesitate to contact UNRIC to make suitable arrangements. The borrower is responsible for all replacement costs if the video is lost or damaged. To borrow, please contact UNRIC Brussels at [email protected]. Videos are available in two formats: PAL or SECAM.

Please note: Our office is serving Western Europe only. We can not serve requests from other areas.

Except with the express written permission of the United Nations, the cutting, excerpting or altering of any of its films is strictly prohibited and the dubbing of its videos forbidden.

Fore more information about UN Multimedia Products & Services, please consult the UN website at

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