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16-31 May 2011


  • “Corruption in the western Balkans: Bribery as Experienced by the Population”. Press briefing on the new UNODC report co-financed by the European Commission. Organised by UNRIC in collaboration with UNODC (Brussels, 17 May);
  • Lunch-time discussion on Crisis management tools for civilian protection and conflict resolution. Organizers: APNU, GRIP, UN Brussels. Speakers: Professor Michel Liégeois, Antoine Gerard, Director OCHA, Xavier Zeebroek, Director, GRIP. Debate moderated by Tarek Mahmoud, journalist at the Middle East News Agency (MENA) (Brussels, 19 May);
  • lunch event with Mr Janos Tisovszky, Deputy Director of UNRIC and Member of the Secretary-General’s Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force, who will hold an informal exchange of views on 'The UN and Counter-Terrorsim’ - Update on what the UN is doing on terrorism issues in areas such as the use of internet, weapons of mass destruction (WMD), assisting victims of terrorism (…). Organised by UNRIC and the United Nations Association in Flanders VVN (Brussels, 20 May);
  • Cine-ONU – “Resolution” with Margot Wallström UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, and film maker Marika Griehsel, at the Goethe Institute, moderation by UNRIC Director Afsane Bassir-Pour (Brussels, 24 May);
  • UNRIC to provide media support to Margot Wallström, UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict during her visit in Brussels (Brussels, 24 -25 May);
  • UN Stand at European Commission’s Green Week event, organised by UNRIC in collaboration with UNEP (Brussels 24-28 May);
  • Lunch lecture with Iris Van der Veken, Chair of the UN Global Compact Belgium; organized by the United Nations Association (VVN) in Flanders and UNRIC (Brussels, 27 May)

  • UN Youth Champion Monique Coleman on tour, programme organized with support from UNRIC (Helsinki 24- 28 May)


  • Model UN Simulation with the Regional Youth Council co-organised by UNRIC. More information to come (Toulouse, 20 May); 
  • 7th Business Ethics Symposium on "the practice of managerial choices" at Euromed Management organized with the University of Bentley (Boston), in partnership with State Street, under the aegis of UN PRME and with the participation of the United Nations Regional Information Center. (Marseille,23 May)


  • Briefing for Model UN Students on UN Peacekeeping, organised by the Viadrina University (Frankfurt/Oder, 27 May)


  • Master in Law and Economy of the Sea – Pescara – University of Teramo/Chamber of Commerce of Pescara – UNRIC/ITA to hold a lecture on IMO and presentation of UNRIC at the UNRIC-sponsored Master’s Programme (Pescara, 20 May 2011) 
  • Master in Linguistic Mediation – Padova – CIELS Institute for Linguistic Mediation – UNRIC/ITA to hold a lecture on UN Public information activities – presentation of UNRIC – (Padova, 24 May 2010);
  • COESPU – Vicenza - Carabinieri General Headquarters - Centre of Excellence for Stability Police Units  – Police, Civil and Military Relations Course Governing Council – UNRIC to hold lecture and training activities on UN public information at the central level and in the field at the 4-week training course for African police officers destined to PK theatres (Vicenza, 25 May 2011);
  • Master’s programme in Linguistic Mediation – Vicenza – MEDILINGUE Institute of Linguistic Mediation – UNRIC to hold a lecture on UN public information activities and UN recruitment opportunities (Vicenza, 26 May 2011); No Tobacco world day – Milan – UNRIC-sponsored conference – UNRIC to give address- Milan, 27 May)


  • UN Youth Champion Monique Coleman on tour, programme organized with support from UNRIC (Stockholm and Gothenburg 30 May- 1 June)

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