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UNRIC Library Newsletter - October 2012 - New information material

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UNRIC Library Newsletter - October 2012
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New information material

Single copies of the following titles can be ordered via e-mail: [email protected]

The Millennium Development Goals Report 2012.
United Nations. New York. 2012. 68 p. Includes 2012 Progress Chart.
Sales No. E.12.I.4. ISBN 978-92-1-101258-2.
Report: http://mdgs.un.org/unsd/mdg/Resources/Static/Products/Progress2012/English2012.pdf
Progress chart: http://www.un.org/Depts/german/millennium/mdg_report%202012_german.pdf

Objectifs du Millénaire pour le développement: Rapport de 2012.
Nations Unies. New York. 2012. 68 p.
Sales No. F.12.I.4. ISBN 978-92-1-200321-4.
Rapport: http://mdgs.un.org/unsd/mdg/Resources/Static/Products/Progress2012/French2012.pdf
Tableau de suivi: http://mdgs.un.org/unsd/mdg/Resources/Static/Products/Progress2012/French2012.pdf

Objetivos de desarrollo del Milenio: Informe de 2012.
Nationes Unidas. Nueva York. 2012. 68 p.
Informe: http://mdgs.un.org/unsd/mdg/Resources/Static/Products/Progress2012/Spanish2012.pdf
Tabla de progreso: http://mdgs.un.org/unsd/mdg/Resources/Static/Products/Progress2012/Spanish2012.pdf

Politically Speaking – Bulletin of the United Nations Department of Political Affairs;
Fall 2012 (DPA). 36 p.
Online version: http://www.un.org/wcm/webdav/site/undpa/shared/undpa/pdf/Politically%20Speaking%20Fall%202012.pdf

WorldRiskReport 2012 / United Nations University. Institute for Environment and Human Security.
Berlin. Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft (Alliance Development Works). 2012. 68 p.
ISBN 978-3-9814495-0.3.
Online version: http://www.ehs.unu.edu/file/get/10487.pdf