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UNRIC Library Newsletter - February 2009 - New information material

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UNRIC Library Newsletter - February 2009
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Single copies of the following titles can be ordered via e-mail: [email protected]

Africa Renewal, Volume 22, No. 4, January 2009. 24 p.
Online version: http://www.un.org/ecosocdev/geninfo/afrec/vol22no4/index.html

Afrique Renouveau, Vol. 22, No. 4, janvier 2009. 24 p.
Online version: http://www.un.org/french/ecosocdev/geninfo/afrec/vol22no4/index.html

Bulletin on action by the United Nations system and intergovernmental organizations relevant to the question of Palestine, September 2008, Volume XXXI, Bulletin No. 9.
United Nations. Division for Palestinian Rights. 29 p.
Online version: http://unispal.un.org/unispal.nsf/1ce874ab1832a53e852570bb006dfaf6/a2c46a9ad350301585257545005ca1b2!OpenDocument

Calendar of Conferences and Meetings as of 2 February 2009.
Online version: http://conf.un.org/DGAACS/Meetings.nsf/wByYear?OpenForm

Grandir ensemble: les jeunes et l’action des Nations Unies.
Programme des Nations Unies sur la jeunesse. 2008. 101 p.
Online version: http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/unyin/documents/growing_together_fr.pdf