Friday, 27 May 2016

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Model United Nations


MODELUNModel UN Conference, ITU, Geneva 2013/Flickr Itupictures/CC BY 2.0


Model United Nations (MUN) is a great way to get to know the work of the United Nations, meet new people from all over the world and also improve your presentation and debating skills!

What is the Model UN?

Model UN is a simulation of the UN General Assembly and other multilateral bodies.

In each conference students represent an individual UN Member State and the views of that particular country. Model UN participants learn how the international community acts on its concerns about current topics including peace and security, the environment, nutrition issues, human rights, economic development and globalization. Model UN delegates also look closely at the foreign policies of the countries they will represent at the event.

MUN events are very popular around the world and usually participants vary from middle school to university students. MUN events can either be organized in your own university or classroom, or you can take part in national or international conferences, which are larger events with participants from all over the world. The biggest conference is the annual World Model United Nations which is organized in Melbourne, Australia in 2013.

Model UN conferences and events provide active learning opportunities for delegates and allow them to analyze the complex situations which the UN is dealing with. It is a great opportunity to develop communication, presentation and team work skills as well as to make new friends from all over the world!

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