Wednesday, 01 June 2016

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UK Somalia Conference parties agree that Somalia has made significant process



The Somalia Conference took place at Lancaster House on 7 May 2013, co-hosted by the UK and Somalia, and attended by fifty-four friends and partners of Somalia.

The Federal Government of Somalia set out its plans to address the challenges the country faces in its Six Pillar Policy. At the Conference, the international community came together to agree practical measures to support the Federal Government’s plans in three key areas – security, justice and public financial management.

The UK shared the Federal Government’s view that security is the essential prerequisite for further progress in all other spheres. The Government reiterated the need for adequate and sustained funding for AMISOM, welcomed partners’ support to date, and called upon new donors to contribute. The Federal Government’s determination to take responsibility for providing Somalia’s security was also welcomed as well as the extension of AMISOM’s mandate for a further year in UN Security Council Resolution 2093.

The Federal Government’s vision for equal access for all to a robust, impartial and effective justice system was welcomed. The parties of the Conference commended its justice action plan setting out immediate priorities for assistance, developed at the National Dialogue on Justice in Mogadishu, and applauded this inclusive dialogue with stakeholders. The parties also welcomed the Government’s four-year action plan to create an accountable, effective and responsive police service for Somalis.

The Federal Government set out its determination to tackle corruption, and fund public services. The Government’s four-year plan to establish transparent and effective public financial management systems was welcomed by the Conference parties.

The Governments of the UK and Somalia agreed that partnership between Somalia and the international community would form the basis of future cooperation: the international community is committed to provide coordinated and sustained support for implementation of the Federal Government’s plans.

The Conference parties recognised the role of the United Nations and the African Union in Somalia and welcomed their commitment to a strengthened strategic partnership. They underlined the importance of close coordination by both organisations with the Federal Government, other international and regional organisations, and Member States. They also welcomed the creation of a new UN Assistance Mission (UNSOM) in Somalia and urged the UN to deploy the mission by the target date of 3 June.

The Conference agreed that Somalia had made significant progress. The sustained commitment of Somalia’s international partners, and urged continued results-orientated support was commended. The parties of the Conference also recognised the need to consolidate progress quickly and reiterated their determination to support Somalia over the long-term.