Tuesday, 31 May 2016

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High-level panel on Post-2015 MDGs to meet in London


The high-level panel on the Post-2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) will meet in London from 31 October to 2 November 2012 to discuss the MDG framework for the period after 2015. The second meeting of the panel will be hosted by David Cameron who was appointed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as one of the co-chairs earlier this year. At the same time, the UN and Civil Society will launch a survey to investigate which issues the general public regard as key-topics for the Post-2015 MDGs.

The UN has initiated the survey to give people from all over the world the opportunity to influence high-level decision making from the very beginning. The engagement of the public with the development of the post-2015 MDGs is not only an attempt to be more transparent, but also to involve young people today in decisions for which they will be responsible post-2015.

In addition to the surveys, people are invited to forward their suggestions through the website www.worldwewant2015.org. Apart from input from the general public, the high-level panel will consult experts from civil society, the private sector, academia and research institutions on the issue of human development, jobs and livelihoods.

The panel will submit a report on the new MDGs to the Secretary General before next year's UN General Assembly. It is highly likely the panel will incorporate some of the original MDGs agreed upon in 2000 for the period after 2015, such as eradicating poverty, gender equality and education for all. The fight against poverty and sustainable development will form the core of the new MDG framework. "I have asked my high-level panel to prepare a bold yet practical development vision to present to Member States next year," Ban Ki-moon stated in the panel's inauguration speech.

More information and for giving suggestions to the high-level panel: www.worldwewant2015.org

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