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This month in UNRIC’s newsletter

This month in UNRIC’s newsletter

Plastic waste is the main theme of the month. The Icelandic tourist industry promotes Iceland as a "natural" and "pure" destination. But French photographer Julien Joly encountered an unexpected sight when he visited the remote beaches of Hornstrandir - namely plastic. Lots of plastic. It has long been a widespread... Read more

Paradise lost to plastic?

Paradise lost to plastic?

Hornstrandir, the northwestern most part of Iceland has been abandoned for over a century, when the las... Read more

There is no “away” for plastic

There is no “away” for plastic

For a long time, many people thought that marine litter consists of a few pieces of rubbish scattered a... Read more

A creative campaign to clean the oceans

A creative campaign to clean the oceans

What would you name the vortex of rubbish in the Pacific Ocean, also called the 8th continent? And did ... Read more

YOU and the EU vs the plastic bag

YOU and the EU vs the plastic bag

What the EU is doing and how you can helpEU could radically reduce its use of disposable plastic carrie... Read more

Interview of the month: Bo Shack, UNHCR

Interview of the month: Bo Shack, UNHCR

Mr Bo Shack is currently serving as the UNHCR representative in Afghanistan. Despite nearly 30 years in... Read more

UNRIC Library Newsletter – November 2005

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UNRIC Library Newsletter – November 2005
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UN in General

60 ways the UN makes a difference

Africa, the UN World Summit and Beyond

Landmark Security Council Documents
This selection provides links to full-text Security Council documents which had a major impact on the organization and work of the Council from its inception to the present time. Apart from some documents which were published in the early years, the documents are provided in the six official languages of the UN. In compiling this selection, the Dag Hammarskjöld Library was conscious of the fact that all the documents of the Security Council are important in that each document contributes to the history of this principal organ of the United Nations.

UN Chronicle Online Edition
The United Nations at 60: Past and Present

UN Milestones

World Summit on the Information Society - Second phase
Tunis, Tunisia, 16-18 November 2005

Peace & Security

UN News Focus: Lebanon

United Nations Peacekeeping Operations – Background Note (31 October 2005)

United Nations Political and Peace-building Missions – Background Note (31 October 2005)

Economic & Social Development

2005 World Public Sector Report: Unlocking the Human Potential for Public Sector Performance

Information Economy Report (UNCTAD)
This new report replaces the E-Commerce and Development Report

International Day of Disabled Persons [observed on 3 December 2005]

International Volunteer Day [observed on 5 December 2005]

Literacy for life (UNESCO report)
A ‘literate’ society is more than a society with high literacy rates. This EFA Global Monitoring Report aims to stimulate renewed national and international awareness of the crucial importance of literacy for achieving all the EFA goals.

Towards Knowledge Societies: UNESCO World Report
English, French, Spanish:

Human Rights

16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence (25 November – 10 December)

Student Conference on Human Rights 2005

Online Discussion on Treaty Body Reform

Humanitarian Affairs

Earthquake Relief Data
A new web site called Relief and Information Systems for Earthquakes (RISE) -- Pakistan has been established to provide information about the 4,000 earthquake-affected villages in Pakistan's largely rural North West Frontier Province and in Jammu & Kashmir. Now coordinated by the World Bank, RISE-PAK was originally by a consortium of experts from US and Pakistani Universities, the World Bank and the private sector with support from the Government of Pakistan. It provides up-to-date damage and relief information about affected villages based on data on population statistics, satellites, geographical systems, as well as from agencies, relief workers, local officials, and anyone with access to immediate village-level data that will critically support the current coordination of relief.

Earthquake Response
A new web site has been created by UN staff in Pakistan outlining the UN's response to the 8 October earthquake in South Asia. The site includes situation reports, facts and figures, information about donations and an information exchange area to reunite missing persons with their families. More details on the relief efforts underway is available on ReliefWeb:

UN Office of the Special Envoy for Tsunami Recovery

International Law

Focus 2005 Treaty Event: Responding to Global Challenges


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