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841 Ban lauds Iceland´s clean air and beauty 02 Jul, 2013
842 Big strides on Millennium Development Goals with more targets achievable by 2015: UN report 01 Jul, 2013
843 A record 10 million people living with HIV now have access to antiretroviral treatment 01 Jul, 2013
844 Current population changes are an opportunity, not a threat, if coupled with smart policies 01 Jul, 2013
845 No young person to be left behind in the UN Post-2015 Development Framework 27 Jun, 2013
846 20 years after historic human rights breakthrough, much work remains 27 Jun, 2013
847 On International Day, UN chief, rights experts urge broad support for victims of torture 27 Jun, 2013
848 2013 World Drug Report notes stability in use of traditional drugs and points to alarming rise in new psychoactive substances 26 Jun, 2013
849 International Day of the Seafarer (IMO) 25 Jun, 2013
850 International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, 26 June 25 Jun, 2013
851 UN experts urge governments to do more to help torture victims and their families 25 Jun, 2013
852 Make health your 'new high' in life: UNODC to mark World Drug Day 24 Jun, 2013
853 Prevention of Sexual Violence in Conflict 24 Jun, 2013
854 Success but Also Grave Danger for Children Affected by New and Ongoing Conflicts 19 Jun, 2013
855 UN Women calls for robust measures to ensure rights of widows 24 Jun, 2013
856 Migrants essential for social, economic well-being of societies 21 Jun, 2013
857 Every minute, eight people in the world have to flee their homes 20 Jun, 2013
858 World Refugee Day - 'Fathers, mothers, and children on the run' 19 Jun, 2013
859 UN envoy and young Pakistani activist launch drive for safe, universal education 18 Jun, 2013
860 The Pig Idea Campaign Launched to Curb Food Waste 18 Jun, 2013
861 Van Rompuy: Growth and jobs are the ultimate goal of all reforms 18 Jun, 2013
862 World Day to Combat Desertification, 17 June 17 Jun, 2013
863 More voluntary blood donors needed to reach self-sufficiency 14 Jun, 2013
864 Updated UN study indicates at least 93,000 people killed in Syria conflict 13 Jun, 2013
865 SG's message ahead of 100-day countdown to Peace Day 12 Jun, 2013
866 Musicians strike a chord against child labour 12 Jun, 2013
867 Outcome of global hunger summit as major step towards ending 'injustice of malnutrition' 11 Jun, 2013
868 Rio+20 Anniversary - Third Hangout 11 Jun, 2013
869 The UN/UNIDO Brussels Football Team wins the Schuman Trophy 2013 11 Jun, 2013
870 States accountable for investigating and preventing violence against women 10 Jun, 2013

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