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UN/Naples: Give voices to victims

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12 February 2014 - A new pilot initiative, “Voices against crime”, was launched in Naples on 11 February 2014.

The initiative which is developed by a UN institute in cooperation with local partners aims to give a voice to victims through the collection of their stories and to make the sharing of their experiences the starting point for the implementation of an awareness campaign to promote future interventions on prevention, development and assistance.

Behind the initiative is UNICRI, the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute in cooperation with the Municipality of Naples, the participation of the media partners Il Mattino and Fanpage, and the involvement of NGOs.

The initiative was launched by the Mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris and the Director of UNICRI Jonathan Lucas, during a meeting 11 February at the premises of the Municipality of Naples.

"Giving a voice to victims of crime, helping victims to share their experience, is crucial for initiatives to strengthen crime prevention and security in cities,” says Jonathan Lucas, Director of UNICRI.
“We hope the initiative we are launching in Naples will be the first of a series in other cities around the world. The cities belong of those who inhabit them and the citizens are the true engine of change. "

Gino Sorbillo and the Olympic medalist Clemente Russo are the outstanding testimonials of the project. UNICRI has entrusted them with the message of the project’s information campaign, aimed at reaching out to citizens.

The initiative is part of UNICRI programme on Urban Security and Crime Prevention that UNICRI initiated with UN-HABITAT and the Municipality of Turin and adopted by the International Forum of Mayors on Security and Crime Prevention on May 2013.

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