Friday, 28 April 2017

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Online farmers left reeling by global drought

Online farmers left reeling by global drought

A catastrophic drought has struck at the heart of 45 million virtual farms.

Players of the massively popular online game Farmerama today found their crops dying, animals collapsing with thirst, and little or no chance of making any money at the market. They were facing financial ruin.

What seemed like a nightmare for these gamers is in fact a daily reality for millions of real-life farmers worldwide. Even without drought, their incomes and food supply depend on rain. They have no other way of watering their crops and livestock.

For World Water Day 2013, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) teamed up with Farmerama creators Bigpoint, Saatchi & Saatchi Frankfurt, and the UN-wide World Water Day consortium to “switch off” the digital water supply.

The online incident was created to shine a spotlight on the harsh conditions faced by rural people in developing countries. Almost 900 million worldwide are affected by water scarcity.

Now Farmerama gamers are helping their real-life counterparts, by making small donations to finance wells, pumps and other supplies – while also getting their own virtual farms up and running again. All donations from Farmerama gamers are used by FAO to give poor farmers a more reliable supply of their most precious farming input: water.

You can donate now. All donations will finance specific practical help for farmers – low-cost motor pumps, small dams to capture and save rainwater, tubing for water transfer. Technical specifications and training are ensured by in-country experts with FAO.

Find out more about the virtual drought here or play Farmerama here.

Learn more about World Water Day here.

Source: Ending Hunger (News)

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