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World We Want 2015

22jan-wwwMDG and Post-2015 consultations on water, jobs and health started this month. You can join the global conversation at the .

The World We Want will gather the priorities of people from every corner of the world and help build a collective vision that will be used directly by the United Nations and World Leaders to plan a new development agenda launching in 2015, one that is based on the aspirations of all citizens!

Latest e-discussions:

· Jobs and livelihoods, 11 Jan – 8 Feb;

· Growth, diversification and structural transformation, 18 Jan – 15 Feb;

· HIV and Health, 21 Jan – 3 Feb;

· Global citizenship, skills and jobs 23 Jan – 6 Feb;

· Development-led globalization, starting on 25 Jan – 22 Feb;

· Environmental sustainability and growth, starting on 31 Jan – 28 Feb; and

· Wastewater and Water Quality Sub-Consultation, 14 – 17 Feb
Week 1: Wastewater in an urbanizing world (14-21 Jan.)
Week 2: Impact of wastewater on oceans-nitrogen & phosphorous challenge (21-27 Jan.)
Week 3: Wastewater reuse-development, innovation (28 Jan.-3 Feb.)
Week 4: Collecting and treating urban water after use (4-10 Feb.)
Week 5: Economic opportunities in wastewater (11-17 Feb.

Links to the consultation pages, containing videos, reports and other media materials to be used:

- Employment:

- Health:

- Water:


Join a growing movement of people all over the world contributing their vision towards an overall plan to build a just and sustainable world free from poverty. It will help ensure that global efforts to secure a post-2015 development agenda are based on the perspective of people living in poverty

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