Thursday, 31 July 2014

UN in your language


On World Environment Day UNRIC launched a selfie petition asking you to lend your voice to the call for climate action.

Snap a selfie to show support for immediate action to combat climate change at the upcoming Climate Summit.


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has already lent his voice, his selfie, to the campaign and is now asking you to do the same. Snap a shot in your language and add it to the gallery.

You can either:

(a) take a selfie of yourself with the logo,
(b) snap a shot while performing a climate action, or,
(c) write down 'I'm for Climate Action'.

Make sure to add the #climate2014 and #selfie4climate hashtags as we'll be collecting your selfies and posting them on our dedicated galleries which will be used during the summit.

selfie-mosaic-web selfie-taken-web
Downloadable language text-bubble available here. Snap a shot in your language and we'll add it to our gallery.